Oakland Landlord And Business Owner Victim Of California Housing Is Key Error

California’s “Housing Is Key” program was created to help tenants and landlords save money from The Pandemic. The main idea: to keep tenants and landlords keeping a home on their heads, as well as others. But amid various reports of Californians not having the money they need to do that, comes the tragic story of an Oakland landlord who needed help just because of $ 70,000 in cash. promised, but did not receive, “Housing Is Key” which the project staff said. sent – he can prove that this is not the case.


For the purpose of this post, the name of the landlord of Oakland will be withheld at this time. But the process was simple: he applied for “Housing Is Key” project assistance in California, then waited for the money to arrive, and then waited six months until now. .

When asked what his application was for and the estimated $ 70,000, he was told “you got the money.” But he sent the company a bank statement (I know) confirming that there was no direct deposit, only the numbers where he transferred money from the treasury to pay the bills. “Right now,” he said, “I’m broke.” And although his office reopened after a reorganization to meet the demands of code developers (who were the ones who dragged their feet in the review of his establishment), he was left alone. he had money in his name, and he owed more than the money he owed to fill the vacancy left. the fall in rental rates as a result of the Pandemic.

Therefore, an estimate of $ 70,000 would be preferred. He is trying to get California’s “Housing Is Key” project staff to see exactly where they sent what was supposed to be his money. But someone needs to get in the California State Department and light a big fire under the leadership of the “Housing Is Key” program. As I learned from talking with the Oakland landlord (who is my friend), the landlord is not the only one facing this problem. Someone is making the money they earn, and hopefully it’s not the result of some scheme or fraudulent activity in the “Housing Is Key” program.

That’s what brings me to this point: there seem to be many examples of people who don’t have the money they apply for from established Pandemic-relief programs like the Small Business Administration’s (SBA) Payroll Protection Loan Program and Economic Injury Disaster Loan Program. But before settling those allegations, the federal government is seen pointing a finger at the applicant, alleging fraud that didn’t pass the scent test.

For example, I am part of a group of Americans who receive Payroll Protection Loan Program assistance from Bank of America, who have been told that the PPP Loan will be forgiven if they use it to pay their employees. and agreements, made, but observed. Even though they changed the rules after getting their help. Then Bank of America told them to pay off most of the loan. So far, the SBA has not stepped in and solved the problem. This has created the climate for class action at design levels. We met with representatives of the legal profession.

What’s even more difficult is that the Biden Administration has only taken over the programs established by the Trump Administration, namely the PPP Loan Program, and has not created a new program that has not done its wrongs. But the SBA under the Biden Administration is happy to run the program initiated by Trump! What is needed is not a loan program, but a grant program. About $ 10,000 per grant can be given to small businesses that previously had a PPP Loan but are facing scenarios where most of the loan is not forgiven. The Biden Administration will simply forgive those loans, focusing on securing the new funding. The way the Biden Administration handled this added to a major misunderstanding. Deception is not the problem.

The problem is that most SBA employees don’t know how to evaluate businesses, especially e-commerce businesses. Therefore, a business with two or more URLs that display the business name is generally considered fraudulent by an SBA employee. I knew because it had happened to me, and I had been told the nonsense of the reason by a lawyer with the SBA. But I think the SBA under the Biden Administration has used the fraudulent lawsuit as an excuse not to drive money into the industry. Now that the EIDL program has run out of money, it has nothing to do with Congress.

Finally, the American government needed to stop its disease so that people could make money when they needed it.

Carry on.


Oakland Landlord And Business Owner Victim Of California Housing Is Key Error Source link Oakland Landlord And Business Owner Victim Of California Housing Is Key Error

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