Oakland City Council votes to redirect millions in police funding to violence prevention programs

Oakland, CA (KGO)-The Auckland City Council has resolved to redistribute funds from the police budget.

$ 18 million will go from police to anti-violence and other services that do not involve police.

This reduction means that there will be only four police academy in the next two years, instead of the six academies that Mayor Libby Schaaf wanted.

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In a statement released in ABC7 News, Mayor Schaaf called on six council members to vote for the reduction.

“The budget passed by the Auckland City Council today is making a bold investment to rethink public security through my strong support for anti-violence and non-police strategies. Unfortunately, it responds to Auckland citizens’ 911 calls. It will also reduce the number of police officers implementing traffic safety by 50, reduce the coveted future academy, significantly reduce police personnel, and delay the response to Auckland citizens in times of crisis. This requires police officers to make more overtime shifts, which are costly and unsafe for both police officers and residents.

I believe that Auckland’s current public security system cannot be destroyed now that many people have been lost to gun violence until alternatives are proven. Measurements that would have funded all new investments to rethink public safety while maintaining the basic police services that residents depend on, including ceasefires that have been proven to reduce gun violence. We commend Councilor Lauren Taylor for providing the compromise.

Bass, Fif, Gallo, Kaplan, and Sao respond to Taylor’s proposal to keep all new investments and maintain the most vulnerable basic public security response (moved to vote for Toreba Reed). It’s hard to understand why you voted against it. Oaklanders rely on them when they have the most traumatic needs.

Our community is suffering, but unfortunately the effects of violence and trauma are even greater in the color communities of East Auckland and West Auckland. My office will continue to work with the Violence Prevention and Police Departments to disrupt the cycle of violence affecting our city. We will also actively seek out the resources announced by President Biden yesterday to address the horrific increase in gun violence that our city and many others are currently experiencing. “

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At Lake Merritt in Oakland, community members insisted that the county use the COVID Relief Fund for healing and education in the Black and Brown neighborhoods.

“Invest in a strategy that is known to heal the traumatized residents of Alameda County in our community,” said Rev. Michael McBride.

“If you can run a gang, you can run a company. If you can write rap, you can write a book,” said Auckland rapper Mr. FAB.

The waves of gun violence included a weekend shooting near the June 16 celebration at Lake Merritt.

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“Even the police chief would not have been able to prevent violence, even with 100 or 200 officers,” said Nikki Fortunato Bass, president of the Auckland City Council. . “

The issue of funding more police or more anti-violence programs is at the heart of the debate over Auckland’s police budget. There are usually four police academy graduation ceremonies each year. The mayor called six, and the other council members called five. Speakers raised it during a virtual public comment session on Thursday.

“Without Taylor’s proposed fifth police academy, Auckland police would shrink faster than introducing alternatives to offload work,” said Cathy of the Auckland African-American Chamber of Commerce. -Adams said.

When it comes to preventing violence, a study by the University of California, Berkeley found that people who had previously been imprisoned and then trained as violence blockers or neighborhood change agents in cities such as Richmond and Stockton and worked with troubled youth. , Gun violence and assault could be significantly reduced.

Professor Jason Corburn, director of the Cal’s Center for Global Healthy Cities, said, “It helps young people to really heal the trauma they have experienced in these areas, and through that healing they tend to use guns and use violence. Reduce. “”

One idea is to direct funding to a trained fire department response team so that they can respond better to the 911 mental health call. It’s a complicated expression.

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Oakland City Council votes to redirect millions in police funding to violence prevention programs Source link Oakland City Council votes to redirect millions in police funding to violence prevention programs

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