NYPD cop admits felony charge against Eric Garner after chokehold death was ‘total mistake’ – Press Telegram

One of the police officers who confronted the ground during the 2014 arrest of Eric Garner’s suffocation allegedly accused Staten Island’s father of felony after riding in an ambulance with his dead body on Tuesday. I testified.

NYPD policeman Justin Damiko also claimed that he had never heard Garner make his infamous plea.

The testimony took place on the second day of a judicial inquiry into the circumstances of Garner’s fatal arrest on July 17, 2014 and how authorities responded to it.

Gideon Oliver, Garner’s mother’s lawyer, asked Damiko a question about the arrest documents that police officers filled out after Garner’s death.

D’Amico falsely charged Garner with tax avoidance felony, which normally applies to people with at least 10,000 cigars, 22,000 cigars, or 400 pounds or more of cigarettes.

After his death, Garner was found to have four sealed cigarette packs and a fifth pack that had been opened and contained 15 cigarettes. That amount of tobacco was much less than required by the felony law Damiko cited in his report. Under state law, Garner would not have been able to commit more than a misdemeanor.

In the photo of this family file provided by the National Action Network, Eric Garner on the right is posing with his children while the family is out. (AP photo / family photo via National Action Network, file)

“This was your job in dealing with the condition of tax-exempt cigarettes, and did you not understand the charges?” Oliver asked.

“I didn’t know the specific price,” D’Amico replied.

He was so stressed that he mistakenly accused Garner of felony.

“That was a complete mistake,” D’Amico explained of the accusation. “For some reason, I didn’t think clearly. I might have rushed the paperwork a little.”

The policeman then admitted another mistake in his paperwork. D’Amico wrote that police officers did not use physical force to arrest Garner.

“Who made that mistake?”

“I did it,” Damiko replied.

Damiko testified that she had never heard Garner say “I can’t breathe.” The dying man shouted 11 times during his deadly arrest. D’Amico couldn’t remember why Garner reported chest pain in the treatment form.

“I had never heard him say,’Can’t you breathe once?'” Oliver asked.

“No,” said Damiko.

Damiko and former police officer Daniel Pantaleo, who suffocated Garner, stopped Garner on Bay Street and Victory Boulevard. At the behest of Lieutenant Christopher Banon. Damiko testified that he had kept a black book in District 120 with photos of Garner and other locals who believed Banon was infringing on quality of life.

Garner’s mother, Gwen Kerr, described the law enforcement testimony so far as a “pack of lies.”

“He was there to target Eric. He took a picture of Eric from the target’s book,” Kerr said of Damiko. “He should be fired. Banon should be fired. All relevant officers should be fired. They all killed Eric. The entire system is guilty.”

The top official, who testified at the inquest, said that the IAB did not punish or investigate Damiko for recording false accusations, the head of NYPD Deputy Secretary of the Interior, Joseph Resnick.

“At the time of his death, it bothered me because of the time they filled out the arrest report. In the (D’Amico’s) part, the malicious intent of deceiving or creating something that wasn’t there. Did you? I don’t think so, “he said.

Resnick said he was waiting for the IAB to interview a police officer who attended Garner’s arrest at the request of a lawyer in the Staten Island area. The grand jury decided not to prosecute Daniel Pantaleo in December 2014.

Under a question by Kerr and his ally co-adviser Erica James, Resnick said the NYPD internal team did not investigate the cause of the leak to the media regarding Garner’s medical and sealed arrest history. Stated.

Resnick said the IAB slapped Sergeant NYPD. Kizzy Adonis, Danang Saminas, who is responsible for the department, not the other sergeants on the scene, as Adonis appears, does not advise police officers, and leaves.

“That’s why,” he added.

Resnick said his view was that medical care was provided in the field, which is one of the main subjects of the study.

“When it came to medical care, there was nothing wrong with the behavior of the police officers in the field,” he said, saying that one EMT-trained police officer was seen in a video of rolling Garner sideways and calling an ambulance. I added.

“For me, all this together was the care provided to Mr. Garner by the police officers on the scene.”

NYPD cop admits felony charge against Eric Garner after chokehold death was ‘total mistake’ – Press Telegram Source link NYPD cop admits felony charge against Eric Garner after chokehold death was ‘total mistake’ – Press Telegram

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