NYC Pride parade organizers ban the NYPD from its events until 2025

Organizer New York City Pride The NYPD banned them from attending the June parades and related events each year, and worked to reduce their presence on the scene, saying their appearance threatened members of the community.

“NYC Pride seeks to create a safer space for LGBTQIA + and BIPOC communities as violence against marginalized groups, especially BIPOC and trans-communities, continues to escalate,” said the NYC Pride event. The planned nonprofit Heritage of Pride said: Saturday’s statement.

“The sense of security that law enforcement intends to provide is instead a threat and sometimes dangerous to people in our community who are most often targeted without undue force or reason. It’s possible. NYC Pride does not want to contribute in any way to creating an atmosphere that scares or harms members of the community. “

LGBTQIA + Refers to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer / questioning, intersex, and sexual groups, where BIPOC stands for blacks, indigenous peoples, and people of color.

The Heritage of Pride said it would ban all correction and law enforcement exhibitors at New York’s Pride event until 2025.

The event organizer states that security and the initial response from the NYPD will no longer be required and instead these services will be reassigned to “trained private security, community leaders and volunteers”. According to the statement, the Heritage of Pride said it would use NYPD’s initial response and security “only when absolutely necessary” and “as required by city authorities.”

Heritage of Pride spokesman Dan Dimanto told CNN on Saturday that the organization has been working with the NYPD for over 25 years.

“There have always been law enforcement attacks, which have been a community problem for years,” Dimanto said. “Last year’s event, Protest against George FloydThe NYPD had a lot of break-in, so we started thinking long and hard about this decision. “

The announcement will be made more than a month before the annual march scheduled for June 27, this year. The first pride march began as a protest a year later. 1969 Stonewall RebellionWhen the NYPD attacked a gay bar in Greenwich Village, Manhattan, police routinely harassed gay people and facilities.

Last year’s Pride (50th Anniversary Event) was effectively canceled and held due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The theme of this year’s event is “The fight continues.. “

We’re still discussing the details of the event with event organizers and New York City officials, but Dimanto said he hopes to have face-to-face components as well as virtual presentations. ..

A NYPD spokesman said the move to ban NYPD from the event was “disappointing.”

“Our annual work to ensure a safe and enjoyable pride season is increasingly accepted by participants. The idea of ​​excluding police officers is disappointing and our commonality of inclusion and tolerance. Detective Dennis Moloney said in a statement. “But during this huge and complex event, we are still there to ensure traffic safety and order.”

The Gay Officer Action League (GOAL), an organization representing LGBTQIA + NYPD executives, said the event organizers are on the road.

“The Heritage of Pride is well aware that the city does not allow large-scale events to occur without the presence of police. Therefore, their response to activist pressure is that fellow community members have their identities. By preventing celebrating and respecting the shared heritage of the Stonewall riots, we are on the low path, “GOAL President Brian Downey said in a statement on Friday.

NYC Pride parade organizers ban the NYPD from its events until 2025 Source link NYC Pride parade organizers ban the NYPD from its events until 2025

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