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Many people gave the favorable Nuubu Detox Patch NZ Review after trying out the footpad and experiencing its benefits. Nuubu Detox Foot Patches can be purchased in New Zealand, but not at Chemist Warehouse or other local shops. However, foot patches can be ordered online directly from the manufacturer’s website and will be delivered anywhere in New Zealand. Nubu Deep Cleansing Footpads are made from 100% natural ingredients and are a great way to detoxify your body. Nuubu Japanese Detox Foot Patch is very popular all over the world and is now available for order in New Zealand! This review discusses the benefits, pricing, ingredients, side effects of Nuubu Detox footpads, where to buy them, and whether they work.

Buy Nuubu Detox Patches NZ

Click the link below to purchase Nuubu patches in New Zealand

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Nuubu Detox patch NZ Chemist Warehouse

Chemist Warehouse in New Zealand does not sell Nuubu patches, but you can easily order them directly from the Nuubu manufacturer’s website using shipping options available to New Zealand residents.

What is Nuub Foot Patch?

The detox foot patch manufactured by Nuub was developed using the tradition of eastern Japan from ancient times, and the purification of living things is the most important in medicine to connect the body and soul and improve health and welfare. bottom. Detox treatments use all natural ingredients from high quality sources to wash away toxins from organisms, improve blood flow and relieve stress. You are physically and mentally healthy and stable.

Nuubu Patches are designed to help remove toxins and waste products in your body. The process is very simple, with daily application, using a variety of selected natural ingredients that have proven to be effective. It contains Japanese herbs from the mountains of East Asia to benefit your overall health and skin.

Do not underestimate the toxins and waste products you have in your organism. They can be the root cause of various illnesses. Promoted by incorrect diet and daily stress throughout the day, toxins and waste products accumulate in your body, making it increasingly difficult to eliminate them. But you need to do it to restore the harmony of your body and soul. However, the Nuub Detox patch has been launched to accelerate this removal process and purify organisms from unwanted waste products and harmful toxins.

Nubu Detox Patch NZ Price

The price of Nuubu below is in US dollars, but converted to NZD

(Note: Conversion rate is subject to change)

1 box (10 pads) = $ 17.95 USD – 25.51 NZD

2 boxes (20 pads) = $ 33.96 USD – 48.25 NZD

3 boxes (30 pads) = $ 45.96 USD – 65.30 NZD

4 boxes (40 pads) = $ 55.96 USD – 79.50 NZD

Why do I need a Nuubu cleansing patch?

The manufacturer of Nuubu cleansing patches states that anyone interested in their health should try this alternative. It is appropriate to relieve symptoms such as sleep disorders, swelling, joint pain, arthritis, rheumatic disorders and other daily dissatisfaction. They are sometimes affected by inaccurate or delayed purification of blood. The manufacturer states that the Nuubu Detox patch can be used when men and women are constantly feeling tired, their feet and hands are cold, and their overall health is poor.

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Nuubu Detox Patches NZ Review

Users are clearly pleased with the results after using Nuubu. One of the key functions is associated with the apparent detoxification effect of patches and symptoms. However, since this is a relatively new brand product, there may still be too few reviews. Therefore, it is not possible to give a clear opinion on how it works for real users. However, to assess what users are saying about this alternative solution, we surveyed a review of similar footpatches for detox.

Here are some lists Nuubu Customer Review

Customer 1:

“I’ve been experiencing foot pain for a while, and I wanted to try the Nuubu patch to see if they provide some relief. I changed my mood from the first night. Was impressive.

My treatment used only 20 pads provided in the 10-day trial.

My pain symptoms improved and I felt relaxed after a good night’s sleep.

I noticed that the smell of Nuub Detox patch is not unpleasant. A strong odor is important as it can cause headaches.

Above all, they were very easy to use every night.

Just a recommendation: The inside of the patch is damp, so keep a washcloth when removing the patch.

If you experience foot pain or stress, try these patches again. “”

Customer 2:

“I didn’t really believe in patch making. I’m a medical professional, so I have something to tell you after trying the patch. The Nuubu patch actually works. They do when you wake up in the morning. It stays attached to the skin of your feet and frees you from black gunks from the sticky substances you can find in other brands. Second, my foot swelling and pain change dramatically. I’ve been working long hours on shifts and I don’t feel any pain in such cases. I don’t want to spend another night without these highly recommended patches. “

Customer 3:

“This wasn’t for myself. I bought these patches for my mother. She’s a nurse and stands for a long time every day. But then my mother is my dad. I shared a patch with my sister. She is 10 years older than my mother.

I immediately noticed the difference. My mother’s leg pain went away in just two weeks. My aunt was painless after 30 days and had been suffering from finger pain for a long time.

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Benefits of Nuub

Nuubu patches have many advantages and can be used in different ways. Manufacturers state that this is an alternative cure when various symptoms associated with toxin accumulation need to be eliminated. It is 100% natural and contributes to your general health.

After placing the detox patch, the toxin enters the patch through your feet and exits your body. The main principle of the patch is based on traditional herbal medicine and it is recommended to use it overnight to give enough time to act.

Benefits of Nuubu Cleansing Footpad

NS Benefits of Nuubu patch The following have been reported so far:

• Improving sleep quality

• Detoxify organisms faster

• Safe, well tolerated and made of natural ingredients

• Strengthen your body and energize you

• Improves cell function

• Improve sleep health and reduce pain

Side effects of Nuubu detox patch

Are there any side effects or risks associated with detox treatment?

So far, no side effects have been recorded when using the Nuubu patch as intended. Patches are safe and tolerable, and skin irritation is not common. If you are still allergic to one of the ingredients, it is advisable to investigate the ingredient and discuss your options with your doctor.

Nuub contains only natural ingredients, herbs and herbal extracts. They are combined in each detox patch to remove harmful substances from your organism and purify your body. No adverse events will occur.

Nuub ingredient

According to traditional herbal medicine, these patches work in a completely natural way using natural and effective ingredients.

The materials are:

Loquat leaves: This active ingredient has an antibacterial effect, neutralizes odors and provides a pleasant scent.

Bamboo vinegar: Bamboo vinegar promotes the growth of healthy microorganisms, stimulates digestion and enhances health.

Vitamin C: Vitamin C is a powerful and useful immune booster that has a positive effect on our systemic system.

dextrin: Dextrin is a fiber supplement that supports and complements the effects of other Nubu ingredients.

Pyroligneous acid: Pyroligneous acid has an antibacterial effect, removes odors, and absorbs moisture and sweat. In addition, this component carries away metabolic waste.

Houttuynia Cordata Thunb: This active ingredient earns points with patches with adjuvant, anti-obesity, liver protection, antiviral and antibacterial properties.

Additional Nuub Ingredients – Negative ion powder, cornstarch, tourmaline, plant fiber, dextrin, natural herbs, herbal extracts.


Nuubu detox patches are now very popular all over the world and many people seem to benefit from them. If you need a healthier and more energetic body, the Nuubu foot patch may be the answer.

Where to buy Nuubu detox patches in New Zealand

You can now buy Nuubu in New Zealand, but you can’t find the Nuubu detox patch at Chemist Warehouse in New Zealand. The best and easiest way to get them is to order directly from their website and they will ship the item to you immediately in New Zealand.

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