Nuubu Detox Patches Australia – Reviews, Where To Buy Chemist Warehouse

Looking For Nuubu Patches in Australia?

Many people have given favorable Nuubu detox patches Australiare views  after trying the foot pads and experiencing the benefits. You can buy the Nuubu detox foot patches in Australia, but not at Chemist Warehouse, or other local shops. You can, however, order the foot patches online directly from the manufacturers website, and they will deliver them to you anywhere in Australia. Nuubu deep cleansing foot pads are made from 100% natural ingredients, they are a great way to detoxify the body. Nuubu Japanese detox foot patches are becoming very popular worldwide, and now they are available to order in AU! In this review we’ll talk about the Nuubu detox foot pads’ advantages, pricing, ingredients, side effects, where to buy them, and whether or not they work.

Buy Nuubu Patches in Australia

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Nuubu Detox Patches Australia Chemist Warehouse

They don’t sell Nuubu patches in Australia at Chemist Warehouse, but you can easily order them directly from the Nuubu manufacturers website, with shipping options available for Australia residents.

What Are Nuubu Foot Patches

The Nuubu Detox Patch is based on an ancient Japanese/ Asian tradition. The patch is of interest to all people who have planned a detoxification treatment and who value quality and a gentle process. Many cures do not work well because they cause some side effects. According to the manufacturer, this should not be the case with the Nuubu Detox deep cleansing patches. Toxins are extracted from the body through herbs and herbal extracts.

The Nuubu detox patch should be equally suitable for young and old. For detoxification, the patchesare simply placed on each foot. The most common signs of toxin build-up are irritability, skin problems, poor concentration, insomnia, headache, unpleasant body odor, muscle pain, stubborn weight, exhaustion, or constipation.

Holistic healing is possible with the detox patch. According to the manufacturer of Nuubu Detox, you can not only find the symptoms, but also the cause with the handy detox patch. The human body is full of waste and toxins. They can permanently damage blood circulation or cause stress. For this reason, all people should detoxify the body regularly.Nuubu Patches are designed to facilitate the elimination of toxins and waste products you can find in your body. The process is quite simple with a daily application and using various selected natural ingredients with proven effectiveness. It contains Japanese herbs from the mountains in East Asia to bring the benefits for your overall health and skin.

Do not underestimate the toxins and waste products you have in your organism. They can be the root cause of a variety of ailments. Throughout the day and facilitated by the wrong diet and daily stress, toxins and waste substances are accumulated in your body and they turn more and more difficult to eliminate. But you need to do it in order to restore harmony in your body and soul. However, Nuubu detox patches were launched to accelerate this elimination process and purify the organism from unnecessary waste products and harmful toxins.

Nuubu Detox Patches Australia Price

Nuubu Detox Patches Australia Price

The prices are in Australian dollars and taken from their website:

1 Box (10 pads) =     AU$37.00

2 Boxes (20 pads) = AU$64.00

3 Boxes (30 pads) = AU$84.00

4 Boxes (40 pads) = AU$104.00

Nuubu Detox Patches Australia – Reviews, Where To Buy Chemist Warehouse

Nuubu Detox Patches Australia Reviews

Users are clearly happy with the results after using Nuubu. One of the top features has to do with the detoxifying effect, which is evident in the patches and the symptoms. However, you can still find too few reviews for Australia in particular, because this is a relatively new brand product. Thus, it is not possible to give a definite opinion about how it works in real users. But we have researched reviews of similar foot patches for detox to evaluate what users say about this alternative solution.

Here’s a list of a few Nuubu customer reviews

Customer 1:

“I’ve been experiencing foot aches for a while, and I wanted to try Nuubu patches to see if they provided some relief. I was impressed to see that I felt different after the first night.

In my treatment, I only used 20 pads that came in my 10-day trial.

Pain symptoms improved, and I also felt more relaxed after sleeping better.

I noticed that the smell of Nuubu detox patches was not uncomfortable, which is important because strong smells give me a headache.

Above all, they were very easy to use every night.

Just a recommendation: keep a washcloth around when you take the patches off because the inside of the patch will be damp.

I will try these patches again if I ever have foot pain or feel stressed. “

Customer 2:

“I did not believe much about did patches, and I’m a medical professional, so there’s something I should tell you after trying them: Nuubu patches really work. They stay adhered to the skiin of your feet when you wake up in the morning and you will be free of the black gunk from adhesive substances you can find in other brands. Secondly, the swelling and pain in my feet changed dramatically. I work long hours in my shifts, and even in those cases, I don’t feel pain. I don’t want another night without these highly recommended patches.”

Customer 3:

“This was not for myself. I purchased these patches for my mom. She’s a nurse and stands for a long time every day. But then my mother shared the patches with my dad’s sister. She is 10 years older than my mother.

I saw a difference almost immediately. My mom’s foot pain was resolved after only 2 weeks. My aunt went pain-free after 30 days and she was suffering from finger pain for a long time.

 Why do I need Nuubu Deep Cleansing Foot pads?

Nuubu Detox Patches are good for both men and women to detoxify the body. For centuries, detox cures have been used by people to remove natural toxins from the body. There are a wide variety of options available for this purpose. Many methods can be very damaging to one’s metabolism. During these cures, eating is not allowed during this time. It is also not advisable to take medication. As a general rule, only water or tea is drunk during the cure. With a patch, detoxification is much smoother and easier. You don’t have to do without anything during the detox. You can use the detox patch at any time without medical supervision. For it to have its full effect, it must be left on under your feet for six to eight hours. If required,You can also attach it to any other part of your body.

The Nuubu Detox Patch is a new form of detoxification. Toxins are extracted from the body naturally. You just have to stick the patches on the sole of the foot. Immediately the ingredients start to work. Your body absorbs toxins or pollutants on a daily basis. Often we are not even aware that pollutants are working in the body. The substances are ingested through food or the environment, especially in traffic. Some foods, even today, are treated with a wide variety of contaminants. Many people are not aware of this. These toxins or pollutants cannot be broken down by the body itself. They can only be broken down with a special detox cure or special patches.

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Nuubu Detox Patches Australia – Reviews, Where To Buy Chemist Warehouse

Nuubu Benefits

Nuubu patches have various benefits and can be used in different ways. The manufacturer mentions this is an alternative healing method if you need to get rid of various symptoms associated with toxin accumulation. It contributes to your general health with 100% natural ingredients.

After placing the detox patches, the toxins will go through your feet into the patch and out of your body. The main principle in the patches is in accordance with traditional Chinese medicine, and it is recommended to use them overnight to give them enough time to act.

Nuubu Cleansing Foot Pads Benefits

The benefits of Nuubu patches reported so far include:

  • Sleep quality improvements
  • Detoxifies the organism faster
  • Safe, well tolerated, and made of natural ingredients
  • Strengthens your body and gives you vitality
  • Improves cell functions
  • Sleep health improvements and pain reduction
  • No Side Effects
  • Ingredients have an antibacterial effect

Nuubu Detox Patches Side Effects

Is there any side effects or risks associated with the detox treatment?

So far, no side effects have been recorded when Nuubu patches are used as intended. The patches are safe and well tolerated, and skin irritation is not common. Still, it is recommended to take a look at the ingredients and discuss your options with your doctor if you’re allergic to one of them.

Nuubu only has natural components, herbs and herb extracts. They are combined inside each detox patch to remove harmful substances from your organism and cleanse your body. It does not cause any adverse events.

Nuubu Ingredients

According to traditional Chinese medicine, these patches work in a completely natural way using natural, effective ingredients.

Here are the ingredients:

Loquat leaf: This active ingredient has an antibacterial effect, neutralizes odors and provides a pleasant aroma.

Bamboo vinegar:  Bamboo vinegar promotes the reproduction of healthy microorganisms, stimulates digestion and strengthens health.

Vitamin C: Vitamin C is a strong and useful immune booster and has a positive effect on our entire body system.

Dextrin: Dextrin is a fiber supplement that supports and complements the effects of the other Nuubu ingredients.

Wood vinegar: Wood vinegar has an antibacterial effect, removes odors and absorbs moisture and sweat. In addition, this ingredient transports away metabolic waste.

Houttuynia Cordata Thunb: This active ingredient scores points in the patches with adjuvant, anti-obesity, hepatoprotective, antiviral and antibacterial properties.

Additional Nuubu ingredients – negative ion powder, cornstarch, tourmaline, plant fibers, dextrin and natural herbs and herbal extracts.

General information about detox patches

Many experts agree that the human body has to deal with many pollutants that cannot be removed naturally. Detox patches are said to make it quick and easy to detoxify the body. Many products are self-adhesive patches that are supposed to rid the body of harmful substances at night. This is a so-called scum.

Detox patches have been offered for many years. One of the products is Nuubu Detox. These are high-quality patches that are easy to apply. However, there are other benefits to using them. The natural ingredients are said to aid digestion and boost the immune system. In some cases, the patches can also help with chronic ailments, organ or joint pain, migraines, or inflammation. In general, it is enough to apply the patches to the feet overnight. The principle of detoxification comes from Chinese medicine. The patches give your body a lot of energy and strengthen your defenses. Overnight, your body seems to say goodbye to all harmful and toxic substances.

Every day we ingest a wide variety of harmful substances such as nicotine, alcohol, caffeine, vaccines, medications, or unhealthy foods. Often the intake of harmful substances is done unconsciously. They accumulate in the body and damage our body in the long term. Harmful substances cannot be broken down by the organs themselves. Therefore, they remain in the body for a long period of time and can cause a lot of damage. Symptoms caused by pollutants can be physical or psychological. Most commonly, the buildup of pollutants is felt through constant fatigue, weight gain, general malaise, or nervousness. The main ingredient in a detox patch, like Nuubu Detox, is bamboo wood vinegar.This natural ingredient ensures that the body’s own detoxification process is boosted and the metabolism is optimally supported.

Known FAQs about this product

Q : How is the detox patch used?

A : According to the manufacturer, you should apply Nuubu Detox Patch to your foot before going to bed. Since you don’t wear or move your feet as much at night, there’s no chance the patch will slip or come off.

Q : Can you wear the patch during the day?

A : You can of course use the Nuubu Detox product during the day. To do this, you must choose a day in which you are not standing so much. If you lift your legs on Sunday and watch your favorite movie, the patch can work at its best during this time.

Q : How long does delivery take when I place an order?

A : Usually it takes up to 21 days for delivery. This is mainly because the delivery comes from the Asian region.

Q : How can you tell that the patch is working?

A : After a while you will see something black on your soles. You can only see this when you take off the patch. The darker the sole, the more toxins have been drawn from your body. According to the tests and testimonials, the detox patch is very effective.

Q : Is it dangerous for your body to use it?

A : The toxins in your body are dangerous in the long term and can cause various symptoms. The patch, on the other hand, works naturally. According to the manufacturer, it can be used regularly to detoxify the body without causing any harm. All substances used in its manufacture are subjected to appropriate tests. They have a detoxifying effect on your body.


Nuubu detox patches are becoming very popular now worldwide, and many people seem to benefit from them. If you want a healthier and more vital body, Nuubu foot patches could be the answer.

Where To Buy Nuubu Detox Patches in Australia

Now you can buy Nuubu in Australia, but you won’t find Nuubu detox patches in Australia at Chemist Warehouse. The best and easiest way to get them is to order directly from their website, and they’ll promptly ship the product to you anywhere in Australia.

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