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In a recent report on the handling of the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors in the early months of the COVID-19 situation in California, the Sacramento County Grand Jury determined that the board “abandoned” the county’s public health office.

The report notes that after extensive investigation, it was determined that supervisors ignored the county public health officer for five months before engaging in a dialogue about COVID-19 county activities and the impact of the pandemic on its residents.

It is also mentioned in the report that, although the Public Health Officer, Dr. Olivia Kasirye, asked for help at the beginning of the COVID-19 situation, she was only allowed to appear before the council.

That appearance came after she sent a confidential email to supervisors, detailing the range of public health office pandemic response efforts and the heavy burden that staff and volunteers have suffered to protect the community.

The grand jury determined that the public health office’s pandemic response efforts were in stark contrast to the Board of Supervisors ‘efforts, and that the board’s “apathy” during this public health emergency, and that the supervisors’ inactions delayed the necessary funding of the public health program and undermined public funds. execution of the sanitary order.

The grand jury recommended that the Board of Supervisors, the county executive and the county public health office work together to establish a public health emergency response plan to address future public health orders and ensure the best possible safety for residents. of the county.

County Supervisor Don Nottoli, who represents Elk Grove in District 5, told the Citizen this week that the pandemic was a learning experience for his council.

“Could things be smoother?” he asked. “Probably they could have been. But again, I’m not able to make excuses or say that the board didn’t play a proper role. We do. We’re the elected representatives of the people in the county.

“But there’s also a structure we operate in. There are a lot of moving parts, and of course it was a time that none of us had lived through. Again, that’s not an excuse, but things have been developing very fast.”

Nottoli mentioned that the Board of Supervisors will present in the “near future” a formal and written response to the conclusions of the Grand Jury, as well as a response to the recommendations of the Grand Jury.

“We are required by law to respond, but I think we will be reflective in the way we approach it and give the council’s point of view on what the Grand Jury has undoubtedly reported,” he said.

Nottoli District 5 covers more than 650 square miles and includes the communities of Elk Grove, Galt, Rancho Cordova, and the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta. He will not run for re-election this year.

Elk Grove City Council member Pat Hume, one of the candidates seeking to become the next District 5 representative in this June’s election, responded to the grand jury’s findings.

“Obviously it was an unprecedented moment, changing the landscape and the environment,” he said. “But the most important thing is that there is a new executive team right now. So the recommendations could be going back to how the old (administrative chief) handled things.”

Hume added that he supports the Grand Jury’s recommendation to have a better plan for the council to deal with future public health emergencies.

“I think all of that is a good recommendation,” he said. “But I think it’s kind of biting a dead horse a little bit about what didn’t happen at the time when everyone was surprised.”

Former Elk Grove Mayor Steve Ly, another candidate for the District 5 supervisor position, also responded to the Grand Jury report.

“Decision-makers cannot be complacent when it comes to public health and public safety for all residents,” he said. “Elected officials, especially in any condition, are required to do their utmost to respond and protect the people they serve. Listen and work with your expert staff to serve your constituents.”

Cosumnes Community Services District Board Chair Jaclyn Moreno, who is also a candidate for the District 5 County Supervisor Career, said she supports the Grand Jury’s findings and recommendations.

“I agree,” she said. “People were suffering a lot during this time, and I think, unfortunately, politics got in the way, especially when it comes to enforcing the mandate of the masks.

“As I look back to that time as an elected official, I felt a lot of pressure to make sure we responded quickly and used the funding to better support the needs of the community.”

Moreno added that if she were a supervisor on that council, she would call for a “quick and quick response” to the financial challenges and other needs of the county’s residents.

District 5 candidate Alex Joe, who also ran for the same seat in 1994 and 1998, said he was concerned about the Grand Jury’s findings on the Board of Supervisors.

“It’s worrying to me, because there is only evidence in every news every day about deaths in the city, the county, the state, the nation,” he said.

“So, I mean, they’re following people who are dying, and this is a critical period in which the virus is in full swing and we have to respond and we don’t take that step. That’s a level of experience that someone on the council should take. seriously as you act. “

Nottoli, county supe. candidates respond to grand jury’s criticism of county BOS | News Source link Nottoli, county supe. candidates respond to grand jury’s criticism of county BOS | News

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