Nothing spooky in much of the Bay Area

The weather in much of the Bay Area isn’t terrifying for anyone going trick-or-treating on a Monday night.

A cold front that could bring rain to the Bay Area this week isn’t expected to arrive until late Monday night or early Tuesday morning, according to National Weather. service.

“I’m not saying you need umbrellas for ghosts and goblins,” said Brooke Bingaman, a meteorologist at the National Weather Service.

Temperatures around 5 p.m. Monday are expected to be in the late-60s to mid-70s across much of the South and East Bays, along with the interior of the North Bay, Bingaman said. Conditions will be slightly cooler closer to the coast, but parts of San Francisco are expected to be in the high 50s.

By 8pm, temperatures are expected to drop to the mid-50s to mid-50s across most of the Bay Area, with the interior of the East Bay staying in the low-60s.

“If you start early, you won’t need an extra sweater under your haunted costume,” Bingaman said.

A dry forecast ahead of a storm system expected to bring some needed moisture to the Bay Area this week.

About a tenth of an inch of rain is expected for most of the Bay Area early Tuesday morning through Thursday. In total, Bingaman said, slightly more — up to a quarter of an inch — could land in the Cruz Mountains and coastal ranges of Marin and Sonoma counties.

As the storm system approaches, it may have some potentially dangerous tricks in store for Monday night beach-goers. Sneaker waves and rip currents are likely to increase risk almost everywhere from Big Sur to near Bodega Bay.

Anyone visiting ocean beaches in these areas should avoid walking along the water’s edge. Must observe. The risk is most acute on northwest facing beaches. Nothing spooky in much of the Bay Area

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