Nothing brings Angelenos together like loud booms and things that fall from the sky

It was raining in Los Angeles today. But you don’t have to check the weather forecast or soak your shoes to find out.

For a city known for its constant sunshine, Angelenos loves to talk about the weather: face-to-face, text messaging, social media, whatever. As for icebreakers, that’s probably second. traffic calls. And we understand it: with such a predictable climate – and what feels like almost constant drought conditions – a rainy day or a fog week becomes a big event.

But there is something else in natural phenomena that we have especially noticed in the last two very strange years: This is one of the few things that can seemingly unite such a sprawling and sometimes unconnected city. Nothing makes Angelenos in the opposite corners of the county speak like things falling from the sky and things bumping – and rarely a mixture of the two.

The way Angelenos reacts to the rain sometimes, you’d think an earthquake had just struck (which in itself has its own subculture of chatter – see: the thread that always hits the LA subredite before the second quakes) . News footage becomes saturated with footage from the swollen LA River. Online comments are becoming a steady stream of “yes, it’s raining here too.” #LARain trends. Rational driving skills have been abandoned. If it’s cold enough, the inhabitants of the valley are convinced that they saw several waves. For outsiders accustomed to wearing an umbrella regularly, all this should seem insane. But for Angelenos, the discourse on rain is a very serious business.

As for the things that are booming, they are fireworks. Well, of course, sometimes it’s a burned out transformer. But these Twitter complaints about downtown explosions? Christmas fireworks in the grove. Reddit’s topic of some loud booms late at night? Just a guy lit fireworks on the street. This post in Nextdoor for shots? No, it was probably just fireworks. Although it’s just a random Tuesday night in August? Especially because it’s just a random Tuesday night in August.

But from time to time it is so no just fireworks and something that explodes, meets something that falls from the sky to create something truly memorable. Such was the case with the thunderstorm once in a generation on October 4, 2021 (our choice for the strangest and most wonderful thing this year in the Best of the City awards for 2021). About 4,000 strikes were observed on SoCal that day, less than the amount of social media responses it generated. Besides the strange torch of the refinery or SpaceX rocket launch, this radiance in the night sky is usually just light pollution. Permanent streaks of lightning with roaring thunder and a little rain? Practically unheard of. We’re not sure we’ve ever seen LA collectively dizzy, so we can only thank Mother Nature for finding something other than a shared hatred of LAX to unite us all.

Nothing brings Angelenos together like loud booms and things that fall from the sky Source link Nothing brings Angelenos together like loud booms and things that fall from the sky

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