Northern California lawmaker to challenge Lara for state insurance commissioner

Northern California lawmakers have challenged state insurer Ricardo Lara, saying it’s time to end the “current era of scandals” surrounding incumbents.

Mark Levine, a Democratic lawmaker representing parts of Marin County and Sonoma County, said he wanted to reshape the California Insurance Department into a regulator that is more sensitive to consumer needs.

“Our state deserves an insurer to stand up to the extraordinary interests of businesses on behalf of everyday Californians and consumers,” Levine said in a statement. “The problems faced by the next commissioner are more serious than ever.”

The campaign will be announced two years ago this month when Lara emerged from a political scandal that urged him to cancel all funding.

In 2019, the San Diego Union-Tribune announced that Lara had accepted political contributions from insurance companies and broke the pledge and long-standing practice of previous commissioner campaigns that exerted significant influence over the multi-billion dollar insurance sector. I made it clear.

Lara announced a public apology, returned over $ 80,000 in political contributions, and suspended funding for over a year.

A further report by Union Tribune revealed that Lara actually received more than $ 270,000 from people associated with the entity holding the business in front of the agency. The newspaper also reported that Lara’s office had intervened at least four times in procedures to benefit political donors.

The Lara campaign, which resumed funding earlier this year and quickly raised more than $ 300,000, helped Californians, especially wildfire victims, rather than focusing on political opponent attacks on Tuesday. He said he was focusing on that.

“Lara is sponsoring a law that gives wildfire survivors access to better interests by breaking bureaucracy … giving grace to premium payments, evacuation orders and If the house cannot live due to lack of water, you will have to pay additional living expenses or the power caused by the fire, “said the campaign.

Levine faces many of the problems faced by state residents, including worsening climate change leading to wildfires and floods, the need for affordable and quality medical care for all, and consumer protection from corporate fraud and abuse. I mentioned it as the reason for having.

“At this moment of real challenge in California, we need true, enthusiastic leadership and problem-solving,” Levine said. “Currently, there are too many distractions, too many conflicts, and too many opportunities. I think new leadership is essential.”

Levine is a fifth-term member of parliament and has funded the campaign in excess of $ 1.8 million.

He was born in Los Angeles and raised in Contra Costa County. He then moved to Marin County in 2004, where he and his wife are raising two children. Formerly a member of the San Rafael City Council, he defeated a well-known incumbent and won the 2012 state legislature election.

The other two candidates have announced that they are running for their seats.

Former emergency room doctor Dr. Vinson Eugene Allen has previously filed documents to seek a Democratic nomination. San Francisco nurse and transgender activist Veronica Finbres, a candidate for the Greens, has also submitted documents for ballot.

The elected insurance commissioner operates the California Department of Insurance, which regulates more than $ 300 billion in insurance contracts for millions of real estate owners, drivers, employers and more.

Northern California lawmaker to challenge Lara for state insurance commissioner Source link Northern California lawmaker to challenge Lara for state insurance commissioner

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