North Carolina woman fights to keep her ‘FART’ license plate

ASHEVILLE, NC – FART – This is a sign that a North Carolina woman paid extra to have in the back of her vehicle.

Karly Sindy from Asheville said the DMV approved its personalized license plate in October. She was a little surprised but excited when she received the dish in the mail.

She put it in her truck and continued on her happy journey, driving into town with the “FART” at the back of her pickup.

But then, on February 25, he received a letter in the mail from the DMV. The letter stated that DMV had received some complaints about the plaque.

The DMV asked Cindy to respond by explaining what the dish meant to her and why it was important.

She and a few friends on the Internet shook their heads and came up with an attempt to save FART. They decided to tell DMV that it was an acronym for their (completely made up) team: Friends of Asheville Recreational Trails.

Well, we say “completely made”, but that’s not exactly right now. Now the team exists. Cindy even said that she had 15 people to appear in the first meeting of the group. The group now has a mailing list, a website, promotional stickers and t-shirts!

As for the license plate, it is not yet clear whether the DMV will allow Sindy to continue using FART. There are more than 9,000 personalized dishes has already been banned in North Carolina. Time will tell if FART will join the list.

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North Carolina woman fights to keep her ‘FART’ license plate Source link North Carolina woman fights to keep her ‘FART’ license plate

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