North Ayrshire: Council plans to fight child poverty levels

Council leaders say winning the war against child poverty in North Ayrshire, above the average child poverty rate, will require a step-by-step change of approach.

The cabinet agreed on plans to establish a Child Poverty Council, as it turned out that child poverty in North Ayrshire in 2019/2020 was 27.9 percent – 3.6 percent higher than the national average.

And council leader Marie Burns said “step-by-step changes” are needed for the plans to work.

The Scottish Government’s second plan to combat child poverty, covering 2022-2026, was presented to Parliament in March.

It is projected that this will give the lowest level of child poverty in Scotland in the last 30 years.

This means that by 2023-24, the year of the Scottish Government’s intermediate targets, using current projections, it is estimated that around 17 per cent of children will live in relative poverty, with more than 60,000 children living in poverty since the Act was passed. . took place in 2017.

Highlights for next year:

Establishment of a new council in North Ayrshire to combat child poverty chaired by the Council leader and supported by various partners.

Support parents to move on or improve work.

Continue to support families where disability is a factor through the Equal program.

Linking PEF school resources to activities that have been effective in reducing the impact of poverty on learning.

Further support activities for experienced young people.

Review the itinerary of medical visitors and family nurses and expand the action plan for the National Pregnancy Cost Report.

Continuous support for young people and families of new Scots.

Review of financial inclusion services.

Review of extracurricular care.

Providing additional support to vulnerable families and children affected by fuel poverty.

Mental health and well-being are a priority in schools and communities.

Council leader Marie Burns said: “In North Ayrshire, we are fully committed to becoming a fairer and more equitable society.

“Our shared strategic approaches shape everything we do, and we focus our work on tackling inequality and creating a society where no one lives in poverty, where the economy is inclusive and where everyone has an equal chance to live a full and healthy life.

“Our ambitions are shared by all our community planning partners, and this is reflected in our partnership work and shared commitment to priorities and actions.

“Our new annual action plan to combat child poverty is key to our commitment to mitigating current and lasting impacts

pandemics and demonstrate our determination to reduce child poverty in the long run in a cost-of-living crisis with rising food and fuel costs.

“Significant achievements this year include further progress in the cost of school work and collaborative approaches to continue to close the poverty gap. Innovative ways to combat rising costs

developed household energy for residents, funded by the board’s investment fund.

“However, the harsh reality is that child poverty continues to grow in North Ayrshire. To realize any of our aspirations, we need step-by-step changes in the way we work on it. ”

The Cabinet of Ministers approved the North Ayrshire Child Poverty Report for 2021-2022 and the Action Plan for 2022-23 and agreed that the report could be submitted to the Scottish

Government and published on the North Ayrshire Community Planning Partnership website.

They also approved a proposal to develop a strategy to combat child poverty, covering the period 2023-2023. The Scottish Government’s plan to combat child poverty, chaired by the head of the council; and granting permission to nominate North Ayrshire as the local authority of the Pathfinder in the fight against child poverty, as outlined in the Scottish Government’s implementation plan.

North Ayrshire: Council plans to fight child poverty levels Source link North Ayrshire: Council plans to fight child poverty levels

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