No Flex Alert in effect Sunday as extreme heat bakes the Antelope Valley

Los Angeles (CNS)-Antelope Valley was struck by a high-pressure system the day after several heat records were broken in the area, with parts of Southland burned again on Sunday in triple-digit weather.

Lancaster hit a high of 112 degrees Celsius on Sunday and reached 109 degrees Celsius in Palmdale. According to the National Meteorological Service, Saturday’s high of 112 in Palmdale broke the 109 old record of that date set in 2003, and Lancaster’s 113 broke the 1961 record of 112.

Until 9 pm Monday, an excessive heat warning was issued in Antelope Valley, and the NWS predicted that “a dangerously high temperature of 113 degrees Celsius is expected.”

Forecasters said temperatures would not drop dramatically overnight in the region, with lows expected in the mid-1970s and mid-1980s.

“Until early next week, strong upper high pressures will cause excessive temperatures inside valleys, mountains and deserts, which will be higher than normal in most parts of the coast,” according to the NWS. I will.

The NWS has released a less stringent heat recommendation for the Santa Clarita Valley, which will be valid until 9 pm on Sunday. Three-digit temperatures are also expected, including 102 degrees in Santa Clarita and Valencia.

For the mountains of Los Angeles County, excluding the Santa Monica Mountains, the heat recommendation will come into effect until 9 pm Monday. Forecasters said low altitudes could lead to temperatures up to 106 degrees Celsius.

Continuous land flow keeps coastal temperatures low.

Fear of wildfires is always accompanied by heat waves. Forecasters said humidity levels could fall to the mountains and teens inside. And gusts can blow in the afternoon, especially in Antelope Valley.

According to the NWS, “As a result, the weather conditions for fires will continue to rise in dry and windy areas in the afternoon.”

The California Independent System Operator, which manages the state’s power grid, provides voluntary protection from 4 pm to 9 pm on Fridays and Saturdays in the hope of reducing strain on the system and preventing power outages. Call) was declared. The agency refused to extend the alert to Sunday,

“CA, you did that! Your efforts helped keep the grid stable,” ISO tweeted Saturday night.

However, regulators said they could call flex alerts on Monday.

“Demand is expected to increase on Monday, July 12. ISO calls on power plants to postpone planned maintenance and make it available. Californians are in case they need maintenance assistance tomorrow. You are being alerted, “ISO tweeted early Sunday afternoon. ..

Antelope Valley is expected to have triple-digit temperatures throughout the week, but on Tuesdays, temperatures are expected to cool to near normal levels. As with any heat stroke, the NWS advised residents of Antelope Valley to continue hydration, avoid sunlight as much as possible, and check for heat stroke-prone relatives and neighbors.

“Be special when you work or spend time outside,” the forecaster advised. “If possible, reschedule intense activity early in the morning or in the evening. Be aware of the signs and symptoms of heat stroke and heat stroke. If possible, wear lightweight, loose clothing. “

The Los Angeles County Public Health Service issued extreme heat alerts in Antelope Valley until Tuesday and in Santa Clarita Valley and western San Fernando Valley until Monday.

The county heat alert will take effect on Sundays in western San Gabriel Valley and eastern San Fernando Valley.

County officials said that people without air conditioning at home could use the cooling center, along with information about the location. Available here Or by calling 211.

Residents of Los Angeles County can be comforted by the fact that this weekend’s high temperatures are still far below the spectacular numbers recorded in Death Valley. Known for the hottest recorded temperature of 134 degrees Celsius on Earth in 1913, the location of the Mojave Desert reached a maximum of 130 degrees Celsius on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

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No Flex Alert in effect Sunday as extreme heat bakes the Antelope Valley Source link No Flex Alert in effect Sunday as extreme heat bakes the Antelope Valley

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