No charges will be filed against CHP officers who shot man 16 times in Oakland

Three California street traffic officers involved in Erik Salgado’s murder during his arrest in 2020 will not stand criminal charges, Alameda County District Attorney Nancy O ‘has said. Malley on Monday, nearly two years after Salgado was shot 16 times and died on East Oakland Road.

O’Malley said that while questions remain about the force used against Salgado, there is not enough evidence or witnesses to accuse officials. He said that if witnesses came forward, the case could be reopened.

“The legal threshold is not that the officer is in trouble,” the district attorney said in his testimony, “but whether the officer or others believe there is an imminent problem. . “

Salgado was in a car when he was shot at about 10:45 pm on June 6, 2020, on Cherry Street near 96th Avenue. His car was shot three times and he recovered from his injuries.

According to the district attorney’s report, on March 28, road guards saw the red Dodge Challenger Hellcat Salgado driving because earlier that week, the hijackers had stolen more than 70 cars. car from a San Leandro Dodge dealer. Officers ran to the fence in a car and found it stolen, the report said. One of the officers said the car was traveling on the wrong side of the road and ran at a red light.

Officers approached in a car with a marked and unmarked photograph, with the climb coming up behind Salgado, the report said. Three plainclothes and uniformed police officers with police signs came out of the pickup and as they were doing, the witness testified, Salgado turned and pounded the car, then moved on. first by pounding on the marked car. Officials said the driver was waking up the car’s engine and believed an officer had been hit by the car or trapped under a wheel.

The Sgt. Richard Henderson and Captain Donald Saputa fired rifles at the car and Captain Eric Hulbert shot him with a shotgun, the report said.

Officials did not wear body cameras and the report indicated they should not wear them. No videographers were working on two or three police cars on the scene. The district attorney’s office watched the phone video from social media but could not identify the person who took the video. The office also watched video footage but no video of the incident.

“The forensic evidence collected and developed in this case does not deny the authorities’ powers as to why they should use lethal force, ”O’Malley concluded.

Police interviewed Salgado’s driver, who was seen in Witness #1, while he was in the hospital. The report said he was in pain and “he begged sometimes during the interview and sometimes he sounded like he was vomiting.”

He told police Salgado had picked him up in the car the day before and they had slept through the night. He said he would not tell her how he got the car and would not let her leave because he said he wanted to. After the shooting ended and Salgado died in the car seat, the woman told police she got up, parked the car and stopped.

According to earlier accounts, the woman was pregnant at the time of the shooting, but O’Malley’s testimony was not.

O’Malley did not say why the show took so long to come.

The case is not over. The CHP did not release its trial. And a month after the shooting, Salgado’s driver and his family filed a criminal complaint against officers, saying their actions “had no regard for human life, thought , And the offender. “

Last fall, The Salgado family joined the families other people killed by police in California in support of the state’s verification process to prevent officers convicted of felony or having a history of felony criminal mischief from moving to other rooms.

That move, if done in 2020, would have prevented Salgado, said his sister Amanda Blanco.

The Sgt. Henderson, family records, were also involved the murder of 19 -year -old Pedro Villanueva in Fullerton in 2016. The Orange County attorney’s office did not prosecute him, after finding his actions “reasonable and appropriate.”

(Photo: Nancy O’Malley, photo file)

No charges will be filed against CHP officers who shot man 16 times in Oakland Source link No charges will be filed against CHP officers who shot man 16 times in Oakland

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