No. 1 Gonzaga overcomes slow start, beats Saint Mary’s 73-59


Moraga, CA (AP) — The McKeon Pavilion is usually one of Gonzaga’s toughest congressional road stops, so it certainly felt strange to have no noisy fans.

Corey Kispert scored 17 points and five rebounds, with No. 1 Gonzaga overcoming a slow start with a surge to finish the first half, beating rival St. Mary’s 73-59 on Saturday night and 18 in the last two seasons. Achieved consecutive wins. ..

A magnitude 4.5 earthquake struck South Bay, shaking Jim early in the second half. Play continued uninterrupted, with the cardboard notch still smiling in the folding chair behind the bench.

“It’s definitely difficult. This place is usually rocking,” said Gonzaga forward Drew Timme. “I think we have to do a better job to generate our energy.”

Joel Ayayi scored 16 points at the Bulldog (14-0, 5-0 West Coast Conference). They used 21-5 runs at the last 11:17 of the first half to build a 32-25 advantage. And the Gaels used only one of the last 16 shots to close half.

St. Mary’s drew 56-48 at 9:01 in the Danfotu layup and played before another decisive Gonzaga burst. This time it is 8-0. Zags shot 53.8%.

Fotu scored 15 points and Logan Johnson added 12 to the Cold Shoot Gaels (9-5, 0-3). They shot 34.9%.

Gonzaga’s breathtaking defense pushed the Gaels into a 30-second watch early on, but St. Mary’s made four of the first five three-point tries.

“It’s not a pretty game for us. St. Mary’s deserves recognition for its achievements,” said Gonzaga coach Mark Few. “I thought they did a good job fighting us, especially in the first few minutes, we calmed down.”

Zags has partnered with Winthrop for the longest winning streak in the country. They ran the country’s best undefeated streak at home at 46 against Pepperdine on Thursday night.

St. Mary’s scoring leader Tommy Couse scored 10 points with a 4-12 shot with 7 assists. The short-handed Gaels brought energy to both ends early on, but couldn’t keep it for 40 minutes.

“You need to generate some points for those guys as they score,” said St. Mary’s coach Randy Bennett. “It was pretty defensive this year. We only played 7 people so we could run out of juice a bit. That was our best chance to win so we went together. … I need to score more. I don’t think I can expect to stay under the age of 60. ”

Johnson drew a big charge to Ayai at the 13:31 mark in the first half as St. Mary’s took the lead of 12-7 and Zags started 7-2 from the floor. Kuse was charged with an attack foul by Jalen Sags, who scored 14 goals in the second half of the first half.

Big picture

Gonzaga: Zags performed three quick steals, six and two from Anton Watson. … Senior forward Kisspart has won most of his career, scoring 8th to 1st in program history. He is 109-10. … Aaron Cook scored 8 points, 900 to 6 in his career. … Zags won 19 of the last 23 of the series, 48-11 against his 22nd year coach, the Gaels. … They won the game on January 23rd in a row.

St. Mary’s: Bennett has injured his leg in the last seven games and is probably looking forward to G / F Alex Duqa’s return by the end of this month. … F Kyle Bowen fouled out leaving 4:01. … After the Gaelic defense held BYU 10 to 1 with 3 points on Thursday (0/6 in the second half), Zags was held deep to 11 to 4. … St. Mary’s promised only 10 turnovers in two consecutive games.


Gonzaga: Pacific will be held next Saturday.

St Mary’s: At Loyola Marymount on Thursday.


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No. 1 Gonzaga overcomes slow start, beats Saint Mary’s 73-59 Source link No. 1 Gonzaga overcomes slow start, beats Saint Mary’s 73-59

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