Nikola Not Exactly Putting Tesla On Notice

Start-up company EV Nikola jumps in the stock charts with the start of production of electric trucks. There is still no word on whether the Tesla CEO is worried.

I must admit … I wanted to write this article for one reason and only one reason: to laugh at Nikola Corp (NKLA), one of the new players in electric vehicle manufacturing, for inventing the most unoriginal name ever.

It’s the kind of thing that makes me cringe …

To go with “Nicola” is without a doubt a slap in the face to Alon Musk, the CEO of the company that started it all. Musk took the Latest The name of the genius inventor and power pioneer … and it’s no coincidence that Musk’s competition took that person’s First There.

It just seems … I do not know, pretty sticky.

In fact, I would have more respect if they had named it after the mortal enemy of Nicola Tesla, Thomas Edison …

I would have had even more respect for the company if they had called it Volta, after Alessandro Volta, the inventor of the first battery.

But choosing “Nicola” just seems like they ran after low hanging fruits just to stick them to Oak Musk … and that’s just my personal sorrow.

I also have to be honest and say that despite all the new EV startups flooding the market and making headlines, somehow Never Heard about Nicola, despite the alleged rivalry with Tesla.

Why people pay attention to Nicola

I wondered why they did not pop up on my radar, and then I realized it …

The reason I am just now Finding out about Nicola is the same reason that Rivian (RIVN) and Lucid (LCID) suddenly popped up on my radar in the summer of 2021 …

Nicola is just now starting car production.

Of course I was skeptical …

Have you seen what has happened to Rivian’s stock since its debut? Man, talk about a nose dive. This thing went down faster than Tom Brady stops retiring …

And if you look at Nicola’s stock, it’s not much better.

But at least they’re hovering near or around what they first appeared in in 2018 – around $ 10 a share. Although, at one point, it did cost over $ 65.

Then I looked at the StockPower rating just to see where Nicola stands– And I must say that things look even worse.

A three? seriously?

This company really There is not much to do about it.

But … he has a niche, right?

Nicola: Better than they look?

Unlike Rivian and Lusid, who are only trying to go Tesla’s way by producing passenger cars, Nicola produces semi-trucks, which no other company has yet launched.

This is important for several reasons …

First, it’s always good to be the first of your kind in the field – and the fact that Nicolas will be one, if not the first in the semi-electric truck market, is a very good thing.

Second, while a lot of local goods still travel by train and ship, a whopping 60% of our stuff is transported in trucks.

With gas currently high cost and the future of diesel in jeopardy, especially in Europe, there is a real need for semi-trucks that Nicola is now starting to produce.

The company started producing on time and should be able to supply anywhere between 300 and 500 of its large rigs this year.

This should do wonders for their StockPower rating now that the company has nothing to offer other than words and plans only.

Regardless of calling themselves “Nicola”, I think the company was smart to go towards EV which has very little competition …

It could be the move that would take them out of the basement and into the penthouse … but only time will tell.

In the meantime, if anyone wants to start an EV company called Edison or Volta, I want them to pay me for my idea …

These things do not come for free, people.

“I keep connecting a silver plate with one of zinc, and always in the same order … and place a damp disc between each of these pairs. I keep creating a column. If the column contains about twenty of those metal pairs, it could give the fingers a few small shocks.” Alessandro Volta

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