Nicki Minaj Skips MET Gala Due to Vaccine Requirement, Wonders If Shot Can Cause Swollen Testicles

By the way, Nicki Minaj is not a doctor.

She is not a scientist.

But I don’t have any medical background or expertise, but hey … she knows a person who can’t get an erection anymore and thinks it might be because that person was vaccinated with COVID-19!

It may be because he has a sexually transmitted disease.

On Monday night, Minage tweeted:

My cousin in Trinidad doesn’t get the vaccine because his friend got it and was helpless. His testicles were swollen. His friend had been away from marriage for a few weeks, but now the girl has canceled the wedding.

So don’t just pray about it and be bullied, make sure you’re happy with your decision.

Of course, there is no evidence that any of the Covid vaccines can cause these side effects.

This random individual is much more likely to have a sexually transmitted disease or perhaps testicular cancer, far away, far away, and the singer is spreading some dangerous information by suggesting that it is not. increase.

But this was just the beginning of Nikki’s journey down the dark and misguided path of today when it comes to vaccines.


Minage, as you know, I haven’t participated in the 2021 MET Gala in New York City. This is because the event required all participants to be vaccinated.

“I have a nannyless baby during COVID. Who is angry? There is no danger of seeing his health. Alone,” Minage tweeted as an explanation for her absence.

Want to be especially careful for unvaccinated babies?

Indeed, avoid the crowd. In particular, a crowd of some fashionable fashion events that exist to show off how much only celebrities can spend on ridiculous ensembles.

After another fan posted that Nikki didn’t want to “endanger” Covid in the gala, the performer replied:

“I love you. I was preparing for vmas, so do you take a video and guess who got the COVID? Do you know that you can’t kiss or hug a little baby for more than a week?

“A baby who is used only to moms?”

You might think that Minage’s catch of Covid would encourage her to vaccinate, but it’s definitely wrong.


“They want you to be vaccinated against the Metropolitan Museum of Art,” Minage added.

“Even if you get the vaccine, you will not get the vaccine. [be] For the Metropolitan Museum of Art. If you feel that you have done enough research, that will be the case. I’m working on it now.

“In the meantime, keep my loved ones safe. Wear a mask with two laces that grab your head and face. It’s not that loose.”


Thankfully, as you can see, Minage encourages the use of at least strict masks.

But many of her followers couldn’t help wondering what kind of research she was doing when the vaccine was approved by the FDA.

Nikki’s work sounds like it consists of talking to the people of Trinidad and Tobago … they convey vague information about strangers who have nothing to do with taking any kind of shot.

On Twitter, many doctors contacted Minage and offered to give legitimate advice.

“Nikki I love you to death, but you were wrong,” wrote one fan.

“Vaccines absolutely significantly reduce the chances of hospitalization and serious illness.

“Please. Trust the scientists and doctors who remain knowledgeable about this topic and have worked tirelessly to get it done.”

Sounds like great advice to us.

But does Nicki Minaj accept it? Or at least use her platform to stop talking negatively about the safest and most effective way to end this pandemic altogether?

Sadly, we doubt it.

This is the person who married the accused rape criminal..

She doesn’t seem to have the best judgment.

Nicki Minaj Skips MET Gala Due to Vaccine Requirement, Wonders If Shot Can Cause Swollen Testicles Source link Nicki Minaj Skips MET Gala Due to Vaccine Requirement, Wonders If Shot Can Cause Swollen Testicles

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