NHS buildings repair backlog soars to £9.2bn in England

The UK’s NHS is facing a £ 9.2 billion maintenance backlog, increasing pressure on the Prime Minister. Rishi Sunak To deliver more money to repair a dilapidated building of medical services within budget later this month.

Half of that amount, up from £ 6.5 billion just two years ago, is needed to address deficiencies that are classified as “high” or “significant” risks to patients and staff. Numbers from NHS Digital showed.

Under the new health and social care levy announced last month, the NHS was assigned to clear the hospital’s waiting list, which increased to 5.7 million on Thursday, at a significant rate of about 30 billion over three years. You will receive an additional pound of funds.

However, King’s Fund chief analyst Shiva Ananda Shiva said less than two percent of the new settlement was due to capital investment.

Over the past two weeks, the Care Quality Commission, a health inspector, emphasized the impact of this lack of funding on patient care, especially during the Covid pandemic, and the age and layout of some NHS buildings are socially distant. He emphasized that it made it difficult to maintain. ..

“Other hospitals with” bubble concrete “type roofs use hundreds of metal stanchions to minimize the risk of their roofs collapsing,” he added. ..

Suggesting that the pandemic made it difficult to address the issue, one Midlands chief financial officer said, “There are so many contractors who can help address these issues in a live NHS environment during Covid-19. No, “he said.

Also, the pain was not shared either. Only five London trusts account for more than 40% of the UK’s high-risk backlog costs in 2019-20, questioning the government’s commitment to both level-up and national hospital construction programs. “He said. Added.

Saffron Cordery, Deputy Chief of NHS Providers, said health leaders need to invest in NHS to address the unprocessed portion of maintaining “alarms” across hospitals, mental health, communities and ambulance services for several years. He said he had insisted.

She demanded multi-year capital settlement in spending rounds, and such additional funding “will allow the NHS to enhance its physical and diagnostic capabilities and accelerate digital transformation.” rice field. [and] Restructure the hospital to cope with the future waves and winter pressure of Covid-19. ”

It also creates a “safe treatment environment for mental health services” and allows investment in new ways to treat patients to improve outcomes.

Separately, Chief Medical Advisor Professor Chris Whitti warned that it was a “very difficult” winter for the NHS, regardless of whether Covid infections were low or high.

Emphasizing the resurgence of the flu, the country said at the Royal College of General Practician annual meeting that it was “only two to three times as long away from the very serious pressure on the NHS.” .. .. Therefore, the margin of error is very small. “

In the anger of medical professionals over new government support measures aimed at increasing the number of Face-to-face schedule Whitty, along with a general practitioner, recognizes the benefits of virtual counseling, but warns that the balance between such appointments and direct visits is “not yet resolved at the right time.”

Health Minister Sajid Javid was planning to send a recorded message to the meeting, but RCGP insiders said he had heard he would not do so about 24 hours before the event began. It is important.

The Ministry of Health is being asked to comment.

NHS buildings repair backlog soars to £9.2bn in England Source link NHS buildings repair backlog soars to £9.2bn in England

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