NHL Mock Draft 2022: San Jose Sharks select Jonathan Lekkerimaki with No. 11 pick

In the run-up to the first round of the 2022 NHL entry draft, e San Jose Sharks Armed with the 11th overall pick. Last season was tough, and the award will hopefully be an impact player, with someone expected in the top-10 almost certain to fall into the lap of 11-year-old sharks.

Every summer, we collect the SB Nation NHL sites and mock the first round. Here is how the draft board has been conducted so far:

1. Beautiful Wright – Montreal Canadian
2. Voice Logan – New Jersey Devils
Juraj Slafkovsky – Arizona Coyotes
4. Simon Necrosis – Seattle Kraken
5. David Girichek – Philadelphia Players
Cutter Gautier – Blue Columbus coats
7. Joakim Kamel – Senators of Ottawa
Matthew Savoy – Detroit Red Wings
9. Conor Geeky – Buffalo Sabers
10. Kevin Korczynski – Anaheim Ducks

With the 11th overall pick, Fear the Fin picks forward Jonathan Lekkerimaki from Djurgardens IF in the Swedish Hockey League.

Who’s Jonathan Lakrimaki?

A Swedish right-winger, Karimaki draws comparisons to players like Mike Hoffman, Mika Zibanjad and Kirill Kaprizov – all acting sub-talents. These comparisons talk about Lakirimaki’s potential to be a 30-plus NHL-level scorer, and San Jose could certainly use one of those.

Lakramki has spent his young hockey career so far with Djurgardens IF in the young Swedish men’s system. With the young team last season, he scored 35 points (20 goals, 15 assists) in 26 games, and was promoted to the men’s team for 27 games, where he scored 7 goals and 2 assists. Although the totals are not so impressive in the men’s league, it’s enough that the teenager has seen regular ice time in the senior team from the senior league, alongside William Akond (and the team’s top scorer, shark legend Marcus Sorensen).

Represented Sweden with the U18 team in 2022 World Junior Championship, he added 15 amazing points (5 goals, 10 assists) in six games.

Next season he is set to play in Sweden’s second – tier men’s league with the Georgians.

Why Lekkerimaki?

The 17-year-old Swede is still ranked eighth overall, with most rankings placing him somewhere in the back half of the top 10, but that’s not the only thing that makes him a perfect fit for sharks in 11th place. . He’s really the prototype of a player that shark fans know, with a level of skill that surpasses many of the potential Swedish snipers the team has gone through.

When looking at prospects, especially outside of the top 10 picks, it is important to consider what skills are available for work, and which ones may become a project. Lekkerimaki’s top skill is his shot. This is a difficult skill to teach and he comes to it naturally – or perhaps supernaturally, because Elite Prospects rated his shot as the second best of all his draft class. It’s hard to get over it.

His grout handling, too, implies agility with the disc that is easy to imagine being the main building block towards the creation of the Lekkerimaki mainstay of the NHL.

Why not Lekkerimaki?

First of all, there is the obvious: San Jose have a habit of scanning the Europa League for free agent talent as a way to complete the draft. Doug Wilson and the front office remained competitive by leveraging their scouting against the hesitation of other teams to take momentum on the free European players.

It has both worked (hello, Jonas Donskoy) and not worked (hello, Marcus Sorensen) over the years, but other teams are slowly catching up in this regard. Still, it’s harder to track the progress of players who jump from European leagues to the NHL than their young Canadian counterparts. It’s one thing to take that chance at signing – it’s a bigger risk when you talk about the 11th overall pick and a player who has never played in North America and has limited junior experience.

So the second half of this decision boils down to this risk reduction: what skills might become a project?

For Lekkerimaki, it’s not just the unknown. What we do know about him is that his game away from the grouse is not yet at the NHL level. As a smaller player, standing at 5-foot-11 and only 172 pounds, he should be able to see the ice and set up a better game. The physical and mental aspects of his game leave you wanting, and without those historical comparisons that make the CHL election a more “safe thing,” Lekkerimaki is starting to look more and more like a player who will require a hefty investment.

But this shot.

NHL Mock Draft 2022: San Jose Sharks select Jonathan Lekkerimaki with No. 11 pick Source link NHL Mock Draft 2022: San Jose Sharks select Jonathan Lekkerimaki with No. 11 pick

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