Newsom’s Primary Margin Gives Momentum for Easy November Re-election

After Gov. Gavin Newsum Overwhelmingly won a recall attempt last September by almost the same margin he won in his first term in 2018, The momentum has dissipated into a serious challenge For the re-election of the Democrat.

Faced with a field of candidates with little nationwide name recognition and barely having the money to change it, Newsom received 61% of early returns on Tuesday night, positioning itself for a win-win cruise again in November. He was declared one of the first two by the AP news agency within 15 minutes of closing the polls.

Newsum Said on Twitter That California will be “the antithesis” of Republican attacks on fundamental rights, “will lead with compassion, common sense and science. A treasure trove of diversity, protection of democracy and protection of our planet. Here is the continuation of this struggle.”

He will face the senator from the Republican state. Brian Dahl Of rural Lassen County, ran a distant second with 15% of the vote. Conservative not apologetic, Dahl also introduced himself as someone who could Do more in the State Capitol Than the “dictator” Newsum because of his close relations with members of the legislature.

“Gavin Newsum, he’s an elitist Democrat. He’s not even popular in his party,” Dahl said. Told Nexstar Media After the race is called for him. “We’re going to talk about things that are affecting California’s daily life, and we’ll see what happens in November.”

Super and active nuclear energy Michael SchlenbergerWho shed his party affiliation and tried Appeal to the ideological center of the electorateWas far behind in fourth place with 3%.

He followed the Republican management adviser Jenny Re La RoeThat they had a little over 3% of the vote.

attorney general

There was very little doubt about that Attorney General Rob Bonte Will come first in this primaries. The big question has always been which of his three contenders is to the right of center Will come in second placeEarns the right to challenge him in November.

Alas, we still do not know.

Undoubtedly, the early rehearsals put Bonata well ahead of the bunch, with almost 60% of the vote. For second place ran Republicans Nathan Hochman With 17% and Republican Eric Early with 14%. Sacramento District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert Was lagging behind with 8%.

The narrow gap between them Hochman And Early represents a recognized rupture within the GOP. Hochman’s blue resume, his Seemingly moderate politics And his consent on the part of the Democratic Republic of the State to the center-right pragmatically. California voters have not voted for a Republican state across the state since 2006. If there was ever a Democratic candidate who could turn to tired Independents and Democrats to break that streak of losses, the claim says, it’s a guy like Hochman.

Early is well known to Red Republican voters because of his past electoral stakes. In 2018 he ran for the post of Attorney General; In 2020 he ran for Congress; And in 2021, he was one of the organizers behind the recall effort against Governor Gavin Newsum. None of these efforts were successful, other than that they helped the Los Angeles lawyer like the base. The question that still remains unanswered as the polls continue: Is the base enough?

It’s clear what Bonte thinks. His campaign and his supporters spent more than a million dollars to “oppose” Erley, apparently their favorite candidate, while raising his profile among voters. It’s a familiar election ploy in California.

What seems clear is this Schubert Will probably not receive promotion to plaintiff in any state. Not this year, anyway. A former Republican who became politically independent in 2018, her campaign embodied the idea that center-right politics can still play out in California – as long as it is detached from the unpopular Republican brand. She is not the first “no-party” candidate to try. Now, it seems she will join those lines that have failed.


The accepted wisdom is this To the Republican Anahi Chen And one in four Democrats will run in the general election For state controller – One of the most contested races across the country in primaries.

Chen, the only Republican in the race, has garnered widespread support from the Republican Republic, as well as approvals from several major newspaper editors.

That left four Democrats vying for second place: chairman of the state equality council Malia CohenState Senator Steve GlazerVisit the city of Los Angeles Ron Galperin And a member of the Monterey Park City Council Yvonne Yu.

With a count of about 30% of the expected votes, Chen led with 33%, Cohen had 22.5%, Liu had 17% and Steve Glazer 13%.

Yiu, a former financial advisor, raised most of the funds without a doubt – but only because she is It puts in almost $ 6 million of its money Into the campaign. The California Chamber of Commerce has supported Glazer, while working groups have spent a lot for Cohen, who seeks to become only the second black woman elected across the state.

Insurance Commission

A nasty battle anyway between incumbent Ricardo Lara and Congressman Mark Levin The Commissioner of Insurance It looks set to continue in the November general election.

With 30% of the vote expected, Lara was 40% and Levin 18%, followed by Republican candidate Greg Conlon with 15%.

Lara came under fire during his tenure for accepting donations for the campaign from the insurance industry after committing to the contrary, and for renting a second residence in Sacramento at the expense of taxpayers. Levin, who has the support of the major newspaper system, also accused Lara of not doing enough to protect homeowners in wildfire areas from losing their coverage.

Despite all this, Lara, the first visible candidate in the overt state of California, There are the credentials Of the State Democratic Party, its elected leaders across the state and pro-democracy groups, including firefighters, nurses and teachers. Lara’s campaign criticized Levin’s record for voting on labor issues. Both of their campaigns raised far more than the other candidates.

Other races

Democrat officials in four other ministries across the country remain well-positioned as they emerge from the primaries:

  • U.S. Sen. Alex Padilla, who was appointed by Newsom in 2020 after Kamala Harris was elected vice president, is running in parallel elections in special elections to end her term and a full six-year term. He was much ahead of the competition in the two races as they reported early rehearsals on Tuesday night – 58% of the vote in each – and will face Republican Constitutional Lawyer Mark Museer in the second round each in November.
  • Deputy Governor Eleni Konalakis won 56% of the early returns and is expected to face Republican Angela Underwood Jacobs, a bank manager and Lancaster City Council member, who received 18%.
  • Secretary of State Shirley Weber earned more than 63 percent of the early returns and will likely face Republican Technology Consulting Director Robert Bernowski, who won about 19 percent.
  • Treasurer Fiona Ma received 62% of the early returns. Republican accountant Jack Guerrero and Republican Superintendent of Orange County Andrew Du ran in second place, each with more than 17 percent.

Newsom’s Primary Margin Gives Momentum for Easy November Re-election Source link Newsom’s Primary Margin Gives Momentum for Easy November Re-election

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