Newsom survives the recall, but may be weakened – Press Telegram

The conventional wisdom is that Governor Gavin Newsom was actually strengthened by defeating the call election for him. It is said that he will be easily reelected next year, and he may run for the Senate in 2024 or run for the presidential election in 2024.

But the election wasn’t as easy as the final numbers show, and Newsom made countless mistakes, but eventually tried to fire him 14 months before the end of his winning term in 2018. I was able to prevent it.

In addition, Newsom believes it will surpass the Democratic slate next year, but could face severe opposition in the June primary.

If the recall showed anything, Newsom had created more enemies by a record margin, 62-38 percent ahead of Republican John Cox since the 2018 elections.

In part, it may have been pandemicly chalked. There were public health-motivated moves, such as ordering the majority of the masses to shut down their homes if they had one. He closed businesses and churches, closed most public transport, and generally disabled California’s daily lives. All this was done by an executive order made possible by a state of emergency without the consent or input of the state legislature.

This resulted in a dictatorial, all-purpose action accusation.

Despite all this, Newsom succeeded in removing all previously well-known Democrats from the ballot’s list of replacement governors.

He may not be able to discipline the party next spring. Newsom is a 29-year-old financial blogger who has won more votes than any other Democratic Party, who may face challenges such as former Los Angeles mayor Antonio Villa Laigosa, who lost in the 2018 primary. Within an army of replacement candidates that may be challenged by newcomers like Ventura’s Kevin Pafras.

There is no doubt that there is a lot of Republican opposition in the June vote. The elections are run in a “top two” system, sometimes referred to as the “jungle primary.” With this system, two voters will face each other again in the November general election, even if they win a majority in the primary.

Republicans who may run again next year include talk show host Larry Elder. During the recall, the elder promised to end all state restrictions on public meetings and government vaccination and masking obligations.

In short, he ran as anti-Newsom from the day he forced his way on ballots over opposition from the Secretary of State appointed by Newsom.

Another Republican who is likely to run for Primary is Kevin Faulconer, a former San Diego mayor who ran a very traditional campaign this year, with imagination to get a big chance next spring. I need to work. Fall Connor can also use charisma transplants.

Cox may also take another shot in spite of his terrible show on the recall. A San Diego County businessman faced one humiliating moment during the debate. He filed a subpoena in a lawsuit, claiming that he was in debt of about $ 100,000 to a company from an invoice that occurred during the 2018 defeat.

Republican Rep. Kevin Kylie on the outskirts of Sacramento also ran during the recall as an essentially purest GOP possibility. Kylie was given to provide half-truth that can be disproved from time to time during his execution.

This didn’t get a lot of votes in 2021, but things could be different in June, when there could be far more voters than this month.

Newsom survives the recall, but may be weakened – Press Telegram Source link Newsom survives the recall, but may be weakened – Press Telegram

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