Newsom recall: How enthusiastic is the grassroots?

Democratic leaders are united behind the message that the recall is a bad and desperate Republican conspiracy for California.

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This was the week when the campaign to protect Governor Gavin Newsom from the potential recall of early involuntary retirement began in earnest. Naturally, it started with zoom.

The stated purpose of this weekend’s California Democratic Online Convention was to do the boring business of party politics: drafting rules, passing resolutions, electing new leaders or re-election of old leaders.

However, the weekend virtual exchanges also served another obvious political purpose. It is to rally the often-quarreling army of the party behind Newsom.

“Theoretically, this could be called the kick-off of an anti-recall campaign, with Democrats going around the wagon,” said Governor’s political consultant Brian Brokaw.

Newsom’s cheerleading was the loudest during Friday’s headline speech.it was lineup It is designed to remind Democrats of the people and members who have the governor’s back. National Party leaders, including Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and Vice President Kamala Harris, both Californians, and progressives like the Sunrise Movement Secretary-General Valsini Prakash and Oakland US Congressman Barbara Lee. There was a hero.

“Gavin’s proactive measures and leadership save lives,” Lee said. “That’s why Governor Newsom has my clear support and must defeat this right-wing-led recall.”

The speaker line-up has also shown some of Newsom’s most politically remarkable achievements since taking office as governor in 2019. Alex Padilla, California’s first Latin American Senator. Attorney General Rob Bonta, The state’s first top Asian-American police officer. Secretary of State Shirley Weber was the first woman to take up that position and was black. All three were appointed by Newsom.

Newsom himself speaks towards the end of the afternoon, shattering the administration’s best achievements, including spikes in vaccine numbers, low COVID infection rates, and state stimulus spending packages, all of which are compromised by successful recalls. I warned.

“The National Republicans and the Far Right aren’t sitting down, but putting everything they can into the recall power grab, hoping to roll back all the important progress we’ve made together. “Yes,” said Newsome. It reflects some of the rhetoric he used in his March Governor’s speech.

The 2021 convention of California’s ruling party Former Republican Confab This year, it was all done online, with few opportunities to express dissent, and caucuses, caucuses, and caucuses.

The Democrats faithfully submitted five resolutions, eventually united and opposed efforts to eliminate Newsom, but no one called it a “California coup.” As Chairman Rusty Hicks did In January, I was only forced to bring it back. This time, Hicks said in the campaignIronic ployFrom the Republican Party, which has failed to win state-wide regular elections since 2006. “

Ibid. From former US Senator Barbara Boxer, who said the recall would plunge the state into the political “turmoil” she said was characteristic of the Trump administration. And the famous, nasty former party chairman John Burton urged the delegation to “give Republicans a message that they can’t be with us.”

Not everyone is on the same page. Pelosi spent most of his pre-recorded speech to promote the early achievements and aspirations of the Biden administration and Democratic rally. She praised Newsome, but didn’t drop the R ward. Nor was Bonta or Padilla, who had to run in 2022 to continue their new job.

This year’s tournament was scheduled for quite some time, but for Newsom, there was no better time.

Now the inevitable road to call election is A long and winding processWeber’s office marked a turning point on Monday Confirmed The recall campaign has collected enough valid signatures to vote on Newsom’s political future issues later this year.

Then came some timely reunions that would benefit the governor.

Wednesday night, California Institute for Public Policy Announce pollThe majority of Californians have approved the treatment of Newsome for both economic and school reopening during the COVID-19 pandemic. It was disappointing news for recall leaders who made the state’s suffocating economy and its closed schools at the heart of their proceedings against the governor.

The next day, Newsom went to the San Fernando Valley, which has a lot of votes.The safety of his work Small business owner And the state’s largest potential voting block, Latino, Newsom well known How to appeal to both.At a local sushi restaurant Restaurant owner Cesar Garcia, Governor signed a bill granting $ 6.2 billion State tax cuts To companies that have received federal government Rescue loan.

Inglewood lawmaker Autumn Burke was the main author of the bill, but instead the governor was joined by Rusrivas, the representative of Arleta, who praised the bill and the governor in Spanish. So did Maria Salinas, chairman of the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce.

Actor “Machete” star Danny Trejo was also there. Without prompting, he took advantage of the opportunity to blow up the recall effort: “This man has been trying to save our lives since the beginning of this pandemic.”

The party convention begins on Thursday that day and lasts until the weekend.

Democratic political strategist Garry South contrasted this weekend’s message of unification with the 2003 party convention in Sacramento, where he attended with his former boss, Gob. Gray Davis.

“The governor said, and boy, it didn’t feel right at all. There were a lot of complaints about Davis,” South recalled. Seven months later, Davis was the first and only governor to be recalled.

This year is different. Then there was Davis’ approval number on the tank. Currently, Newsom’s approval is over 50% — at least for now. Then Arnold Schwarzenegger was waiting on his wings. This week, Caitlyn Jenner announced she was running, but so far no one with the star power and bipartisan charm of “Terminator” has tried to expel Newsom.

In 2003, a fellow Democrat, then-Lieutenant. Governor Cruz Bustamante jumped into the race.

Democrats behind Newsom appear to be doing their best to discourage anyone in their class from pulling Bustamante this weekend, South said.

“Newsom is doing at this tournament, and the party is doing exactly what they have to do at this tournament, which ensures that the party is united behind him and there is no room for wiggles. That’s it. You have to beat the recall. “

But Newsom would have to do more than keep party activists in his camp. In a race where one side (voter in favor of a recall) is succumbing to hell to give boots to abusive leaders, Newsom has enough of his supporters to “come out and protect him.” You have to guarantee that you are enthusiastic. Christian Alana, Vice President of Policy for the Latin Community Foundation.

If the governor is worried about the results of the poll Slimy support from Latin Americans“There is a way for Newsome to campaign without campaigning,” Alana said. For example, allow undocumented immigrants over the age of 65 to sign up for Medi-Cal, a state health insurance program for low-income Californians.

Some of the progressive activists who make up a significant portion of the California Democratic Party’s representative Newsome could afford to do more to solidify their loyalty.Despite the promise to Providing a state-owned health insurance program For all Californians, Newsom kept his finger on helping a bill that would have pushed the state in that direction before that. stall At the committee two weeks ago.

Similarly, despite promising to ban hydraulic fracturing in the 2018 campaign, Newsom only promised to ban oil mining methods in California by 2024.mehFrom many environmental activists.

Amar Shagil, chair of the party’s Progressive Caucus, is not a reflexive defender of the state’s Democratic leaders.

“For progressive people, it’s the worst of all the world,” he said of the virtual tournament. “You’re there to attend the speeches of people who aren’t particularly crazy about it, but you can’t even organize it with friends all over the state.”

The invitation to the convention website to attend the Progressive Caucus Conference on Thursday stated that “reckless centrists and corporate vacancies do not need to be present.”

However, Mr. Shagil said his position on the call election was simple.

“Even the most progressive Democrats who are worried about Gavin Newsom don’t want the governor to be a Trump enthusiast, so we’re all going to work hard to prevent that from happening.”

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Newsom recall: How enthusiastic is the grassroots? Source link Newsom recall: How enthusiastic is the grassroots?

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