Newsom is wrong to describe the recall as just a Republican effort – Press Telegram

At the end of last month, I was asked by supporters of the Recall Newsam initiative to write a declaration to be used in the proceedings against Governor Gavin Newsom and Secretary of State of California, Shirley Weber.

The proceeding involved including the Governor’s allegations in the voter guide sent to all registered voters in California, and the recall was a Republican partisan effort.

Judge Laurie M. Earl of the High Court decided to dismiss the proceedings, stating that “the Republicans were clearly in control, as Governor Newsom convincingly showed.”

She apparently gave no weight to the declarations of five registered voters in California, including myself, who is clearly not a Republican and strongly supports the recall. I am the chairman of the Liberal Party of California, and I disagree with many supporters of the recall effort for reasons to recall the governor, but I sincerely believe that the governor should be dismissed.

The Libertarian Party is the third largest political party in the United States and won permanent voting rights in California in 1978. In the last two presidential elections, one of only three political parties in the United States has placed presidential candidates on all ballots. The Libertarian Party in California is a member of the National Libertarian Party and is not part of or influenced by other political parties.

Since March 2020, residents and businesses have fled the state due to the restricted environment caused by the executive order of Governor Gavin Newsom in response to the coronavirus pandemic. Countless businesses had to close the door forever because the government considered it “non-essential.”

The Libertarian Party in California supports the Libertarian Party based on our party platform, beliefs, and the actions of Governor Newsom.

Governor Newson not only imposed catastrophic lockdowns across the state during the last 15 months that devastated California’s life and business, but also used excessive administrative power throughout his administration. He continued to attack the Constitutional Amendment Article 2 and personal self-defense, signing a bill limiting PG & E’s liability for wildfire damage at the expense of consumers and taxpayers in California.

Governor Newsom has endorsed and signed a bill that has had a devastating impact on independent contractors and the gig economy. Parliamentary Bill 5 was overwhelmingly unpopular among Californians, so Proposal 22 was passed by nearly 59% of the votes. But it only helped workers in one industry, and others are still struggling to be unable to work in California because of the AB5 he celebrated.

I personally find it unpleasant for the governor to write an argument that would be included in the Voter Information Guide.

I’m neither a Republican nor a Trump supporter. We support recalls for the above reasons, but not our state’s “Republican takeover.” I believe the truth is the governor and that the majority of Sacramento’s Democrats are in power over all Californians. I live in Los Angeles County, and it is reported that many Democrats in the county have signed recall petitions rather than Republicans.

But what’s worse, Dr. Weber does not have the authority to include these discussions in the Voter Information Guide. After a brief review of the California Election Act, the only argument allowed and needed is that it was written when the notice of intent to recall the governor was approved, and the response from the governor.

Of course, according to the same provisions of the Election Act, the governor could have submitted a statement of candidates to include in the guide, along with all other candidates running on behalf of the candidates. He couldn’t do that by the deadline. It’s the same as missing the deadline to include the party affiliation in the recall next to his name. Therefore, Newsom’s personally appointed Secretary of State, Weber, appears to have created an additional discussion for the voter guide. What a “luck” stroke for the governor.

Newsom is wrong to describe the recall as just a Republican effort – Press Telegram Source link Newsom is wrong to describe the recall as just a Republican effort – Press Telegram

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