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Governor Gavin Newsom would like to thank his supporters after being nominated as the expected winner of the California Governor’s recall. (AP photo)

Governor Gavin Newsom trampled on Republican competitors and won the Governor’s call election. That is, he will serve the remaining 18 months of his term. Newsom’s victory was so quick and overwhelming that political observers and experts called for a race in his favor less than an hour after the vote ended on Tuesday, September 14.

In response to a ballot question, “Should Gavin Newsom be recalled from the governor’s office?” 67% of the voters were based on the results of 59% of the state’s 18,185 constituencies.[いいえ]I turned on the box. That percentage was equivalent to 5,428,113 who decided to keep Newsom in his position, and only 33%, or 2,698,829, voted to replace the governor.

Although Newsom acknowledged the success of the campaign, he did not moan and instead emphasized: As a nation, I would like to focus on what I said “yes”. We said “yes” to science. We said “yes” to the vaccine. We said “yes” to end this pandemic. We said “yes” to the right of those to vote without fear of counterfeiting, fraud, or voter oppression. We say yes to women’s basic and constitutional right to decide for themselves what to do with their bodies, their beliefs, and their future.

“We said yes to diversity. I said “yes” to include. We said “yes” to pluralism. We said “yes” to everything we value as Californians. And as an American-economic justice, social justice, environmental justice-I would like to discuss our values ​​that California has made so advanced. All of them were on the ballot tonight, “the governor insisted.

He went on to urge Californians to eliminate division, negativity, and irony, and sought to provide children with examples of positive behavior. Newsom also warned people to pay attention, as “trumpism is not dead in this country.”

Alluding to a statement promoted by former U.S. President Donald Trump, the governor said, “Big lie, the January 6 riots” and multiple voting-suppressing efforts nationwide continue to spread dissatisfaction in the United States. He said it shows that he is.

In light of these challenges, Newsom said: “The world is too small, our time is too short, our wisdom is too limited to win a fleeting victory at the expense of others. We all have to win together. I can’t. “

His closing words were, “I am humble and grateful, but decided in the spirit of my political hero, Robert Kennedy, to make life in this world calmer. Thanks to the 40 million Californians for refusing to recall. “

The state’s Republican delegation, which had expected Newsom’s defeat, also faced denial, along with top candidates who voted too few for incumbents. A leading candidate, conservative broadcaster Larry A. Elder, received a total of 1.9 million votes, followed by former San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer with 412,797 votes. John Cox, a businessman who won 208,121 votes. Reality star Caitlyn Jenner was even behind with just 52,041 votes. All figures are based on reports from 53% of California districts.

Newsom is predicted to be the winner, but the numbers reported so far are still considered informal. According to the California Secretary of State Shirley Weber’s website, “Election results will change throughout the canvas period as mail votes, provisional votes (including conditional voter registration provisional votes), and other votes are aggregated. Will be. “

But for now, Gavin Newsom remains the governor of California.

President Joe Biden visited Southern California on September 13 and urged voters to refuse the recall, citing Newsom’s records of the coronavirus pandemic, women’s rights, climate change, and the minimum wage.
“We need science, we need courage, we need leadership. We need Gavin Newsom,” Biden said in a speech of about 15 minutes at Long Beach City College. “A science-obeying governor who has the courage to do the right thing.”
Biden sought to connect the recall’s supporters to former President Trump, who is very unpopular in California.

“We either keep Gavin Newsom as governor or win Donald Trump,” said Byden, Senator Alex Padilla, D-California, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, and Los Angeles County overseer Janice. -Speaking to a crowd of about 1,100 people, including Hahn and Hilda Solis.

“The choice must be absolutely clear. Gavin Newsom. You have the courageous governor to lead.”
The elder dismissed the president’s support for the governor. “If Gavin Newsom isn’t the most admired government official at the moment to fly Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, but thinks he’ll look good, Newsom is from the vast majority of people. That’s all you need to know how unnoticed you are and how isolated you are. Californians, “the elder tweeted last week.

While performing at Monterey Park, the elder repeated many of the recall themes. He criticized Newsome’s response to issues such as homelessness, crime and the COVID-19 pandemic, and accused him of “ignoring science” by imposing the closure of businesses and schools.

The elder also counterattacked a recall critic who called it the “Republican” movement. “There are 2 million people who have signed the petition,” said the elder.

“One-quarter to one-third of them were people who voted for him only two years ago. I’m talking about independents and Democrats. 63 percent of Hispanics voted for him two years ago. Now the majority of Hispanics want to get rid of him. “

The elder frankly opposed government obligations, such as wearing masks and vaccination with COVID vaccinations, and vowed to eliminate them immediately if elected.

Democratic National Committee Chairman Jaime Harrison issued a statement Tuesday night calling for an overwhelming victory over the party’s agenda.

“Once again, voters refused the Republican denial of the pandemic and its subsequent refusal to deal with it, rejected the Republican’s disproved theory of our elections, and the Republican’s against Donald Trump, the man who caused everything. He rejected his unwavering loyalty, “Harrison said.

From afar, Trump refrained from questioning the completeness of the call, suggesting as before and after losing the bid for Biden’s re-election, without evidence that the race was fraudulent.

Recently, the elder took up the subject and his campaign posted a link to an online fraud reporting website, refusing to say whether the candidates themselves would accept the election results.

With the victory, Newsom evaded the fate of former California Governor Gray Davis, who was dismissed by a recall in 2003. He was replaced by actor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

City News Service contributed to this article.

Newsom Emerges Victorious in Recall Election – Los Angeles Sentinel | Los Angeles Sentinel Source link Newsom Emerges Victorious in Recall Election – Los Angeles Sentinel | Los Angeles Sentinel

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