New York City votes to block new licenses for electric taxis, snubbing Revel’s Tesla plans

The New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission (TLC) has resolved to block the issuance of new hire vehicle licenses for electric vehicles. This move was widely recognized as a sneak peek at Revel, the most well-known company for electric moped sharing services. I was planning to start a vehicle dispatch service Use a fleet of Tesla vehicles.

Revel announced in April last year that it plans to launch a ride hail service on the 50 Tesla Model Y fleet in Manhattan. The company wanted to take advantage of the loopholes in the city’s current rules, limiting the number of new FHV licenses, but exempting wheelchair-accessible electric vehicles. The cap was originally enacted as a way to stop the flow of new Uber and Lyft vehicles that were flooding the streets. On Tuesday, TLC resolved to remove the electric vehicle exemption 5 to 1 and effectively closed Revel’s route.

Those who wish to obtain a new FHV license for electric vehicles are subject to the same semi-annual review process as for gasoline vehicles. Also, if you already have FHV licenses for gas vehicles, you can transfer those licenses to electric vehicles if needed.

“This is one of the moments when the cap is set, to disrupt the system, increase congestion, and provide checks and balance to companies with strategies that prioritize profits and growth over city welfare.” Aloysee Heredia Jarmoszuk, TLC Commissioner and Chairman, said in a statement. “TLC is working on the future of all-electricity, and the proposed rules will include BEV for the first time in a biannual analysis that requires the potential need for additional vehicles.”

Jarmoszuk expanded this notion at a meeting on Tuesday, characterizing Revel as a venture capital-backed destroyer that harms yellow taxi drivers and exacerbates congestion. “Allowing an unlimited number of new vehicles on urban roads that are familiar with traffic jam choking is not sustainable,” said Jarmoszuk. by New York post.. “What we don’t allow is an opportunity for another company, such as a venture capitalist, to flood our city with additional cars.”

Revel’s proposal to launch a ride hail service wasn’t just about installing cleaner vehicles on the road. The Brooklyn-based company said it plans to hire drivers as employees rather than classifying them as independent contractors like Uber and Lyft. In a statement, Revel CEO Frank Reig blamed TLC’s lack of deliberation and claimed that the vote was pre-determined.

“The TLC wasn’t going to consider what the drivers and New Yorkers had to say, they just cared about the interference in this vote in the primary with as little scrutiny as possible,” Reig said. “This decision does not change the fact that New York City needs an alternative to a predatory leasing system that abuses drivers and pollutes the environment. Revel is looking for ways to achieve that.”

The TLC vote has puzzled many who understand the environmental benefits of electrifying city rental vehicles. Andrew Salzberg, director of transport policy at Uber and writing a newsletter on transport decarbonization, said he was “surprised” by the Commission’s attitude towards level planning. In his latest newsletter Salzberg writes:

It is reasonable to be skeptical of the success potential of individual business models. It was unpredictable whether his team of Reig and Revel would eventually build a successful business, and many zero-emission vehicle startups came along. Crash to the earth this year. However, Revel is building a charging infrastructure, paying drivers reasonable wages, procuring dedicated electric vehicles, and putting some competitive pressure on Uber and Lyft’s long-term plans for zero-emission vehicles. What do you dislike?

The city’s tech industry is also targeting TLC, calling voting in the fight against climate change a “retreat.” According to Julie Samuels, Executive Director of Advocacy Group Tech: NYC, the Commission “sent a message that addressing climate change is not a priority. Virtually every New Yorker can tackle this urgent task. When you agree that you should do as much as you can. “

New York City votes to block new licenses for electric taxis, snubbing Revel’s Tesla plans Source link New York City votes to block new licenses for electric taxis, snubbing Revel’s Tesla plans

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