New Santa Ana | Woke OCDA candidate Pete Hardin is an L.A. resident and he was caught trashing O.C. voters

(Orange County, CA) – Criminal Lawyer Pete Hardin Recently, he was caught up in a tape that insulted Orange County and its voters and was called the “ugly stepchild” to Los Angeles.

In addition to his derogatory comments about Orange County, Hardin talks about his plans to buy elections with the help of the same millionaire who drove George Gascon to his Los Angeles office and millions of dollars from the Super PAC. You can also hear what you are proud of. In San Francisco.

The cherry blossoms at the top are in Hardin’s official campaign filing document and are identified as residents of Los Angeles County.

Hardin’s comments and residence parachute into Orange County, a community he looks down on to install the same awakened version of the very miserably failed criminal justice reforms in Los Angeles and San Francisco. Spotlight on the brave endeavors of.

“These chilling tapes are by Pete Hardin buying this election and carrying out the same radical and crime-promoting agenda that was an unmitigated disaster in places like Los Angeles. “We have revealed that we want to destroy the security of Orange County,” said Todd, District Attorney of Orange County, Spitzer.

“The awakened criminal justice movement represents an existential threat to our community. I will do my best to keep Hardin and his fellow millionaires away from Orange County,” continued Spitzer. ..

The audio can be heard in the latest ad from the Orange County District Attorney Todd Spitzer’s reelection campaign, along with the following quote: https: //vimeo.com/604283647

Orange County Criminal Lawyer Pete Hardin:

“Many of our brothers and sisters, uh, Angelenos, uh, probably think of us as ugly stepchildren.”

Pete Hardin, Criminal Lawyer on Election Purchases:

“All these groups interested in criminal justice reform are all over the country. RealJusticePAC, Smart Justice California, Courage California, I met them all and built relationships with them. They are very interested. This campaign … but some of them are big PACs that can put a lot of money into the race. It would be great if we could raise a million dollars. We do everything we can. But that could be a big change compared to what some of these external groups can bring in. “

Criminal Lawyer Pete Hardin’s Official Campaign Filing:

About Todd

Todd Spitzer devoted his life to keeping his family safe and was urged to devote himself to public affairs as an Orange County overseer, a former California State Legislature, and now a lawyer in the Orange County district. District Attorney Spitzer, a public security advocate, is recognized as a security expert whose reputation as a defender of victims’ rights is nationally respected. Spitzer chaired the groundbreaking campaign for Proposal 9, the country’s most comprehensive victim’s bill of rights, and Proposal 83 and 69, the strictest punishment and control laws for sex offenders in the country. He served as state co-chair. Collection of DNA samples from all ferrons is required.

Fighting to protect our community, he co-authored Megan’s Law on the Internet. This is a groundbreaking law that requires the disclosure of public information related to sex offenders, and as a former deputy district attorney, handled complex criminal issues while managing the prosecutor. As District Third Supervisor, he secures Orange County’s first year-round support housing shelter for the homeless, establishes an ethics committee, wins the passage of pension reform measures, and expands the Independent Review Board. By doing so, we have strengthened public security surveillance.

Spitzer holds a bachelor’s degree from UCLA (1982), a master’s degree in public policy from UC Berkeley (1989), and a law degree from the UC Hastings School of Law (1989). While at Hastings, Spitzer was awarded the George Moscone Fellowship for law students who devoted his career to public services. Patrol is a former high school teacher and a reserve police officer assigned to drunk driving execution and patrol missions. He is the beloved father of his son and daughter and the devoted husband of Judge Jamie Spitzer, the Southern Deputy Chief Judge of the Workers’ Accident Compensation Division.

New Santa Ana | Woke OCDA candidate Pete Hardin is an L.A. resident and he was caught trashing O.C. voters
Source link New Santa Ana | Woke OCDA candidate Pete Hardin is an L.A. resident and he was caught trashing O.C. voters

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