New Santa Ana | The OC Rescue Mission is in urgent need of diapers, pull-ups and wet wipes donations

Orange County, CA – Orange County Rescue Mission There is a great need for wet wipes for toddlers and toddlers, mainly in size 5 and 6 diapers, and 3T-4T boy and girl pull-up diapers and the Village of Hope, a transitional living facility for rescue missions. Was announced. A homeless family in Orange County. Nonprofits are calling on the community to donate the above baby products to achieve the goal of donating 77,250 baby products. These important donations help ensure that homeless parents and children can safely rely on the daily necessities they need for their growing children throughout the year.

Rescue missions provide an average of 270,000 diapers and pull-ups, and 600,000 wipes each year for homeless families with children. “Rescue missions continue to require diapers of all sizes, but now there is a significant need for pull-up diapers and size 5 and 6 diapers,” said Orange County Rescue Mission President. Jim Palmer says. “We received generous community donations for newborn and small baby size diapers, but the ongoing need for large size and pull-up diapers is often underestimated.”

The increase in homelessness as a result of the pandemic contributes to this ongoing need. Rescue missions continue to provide shelters and supplies to people in need, along with community support.

Given the uncertainties surrounding the current situation of the eviction of peasants, it is very important that the organization prepare and stockpile baby products for infants in Hope Village.

“We are especially grateful to the incredible support the community has shown us over the past year and a half. Babies and toddlers living in Hope Village have the supplies and items they need for their well-being. We invite everyone who can participate in helping them get in, “says Palmer.

Those who want to donate or host a diaper drive can drop the donation to the desired village on the Orange County Rescue Mission. 1 Hope Drive, Tustin, CA, 92782.. Donations can also be purchased online and delivered to this address. See below for more information. https://www.rescuemission.org/urgent-baby-needs/..

The donation warehouse is open Monday to Sunday from 8 am to 5 pm.

About Orange County Rescue Mission

The goals of the Orange County Rescue Mission are guidance, counseling, education, vocational training, shelter, food, clothing, healthcare and independent living communities.

The Rescue Mission was founded in 1963 as a faith-based organization. Since then, Rescue Missions have shared hope with the hopeless people of Orange County through Jesus Christ. Our program is designed to provide comprehensive services that make homeless men, women, veterans and children self-sufficient. Its dedication to the program and beyond has given the organization a lot of recognition, including Charity Navigator’s highest rating of 4 stars.

To make a donation or inquire about volunteer opportunities on the Orange County Rescue Mission, please contact (714) 247-4300 or visit: www.rescuemission.org..

The Orange County Rescue Mission is an important need for 3T-4T boys and girls pull-up diapers and wet wipes for toddlers and toddlers living primarily in size 5 and 6 diapers and the Village of Hope transitional rescue mission. Was announced. A living facility for homeless families in Orange County.

New Santa Ana | The OC Rescue Mission is in urgent need of diapers, pull-ups and wet wipes donations
Source link New Santa Ana | The OC Rescue Mission is in urgent need of diapers, pull-ups and wet wipes donations

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