New Santa Ana | $11M Federal grant will be used to enhance O.C. streets

Orange – Earlier this month, the Orange County Department of Transportation provided approximately $ 11 million in federal funding for paving and maintaining roads throughout Orange County, and the county’s high-quality for the safety of drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians. It helps to maintain the pavement condition.

A total of $ 10.9 million in funding from the Coronavirus Response and Relief Supplementary Budget Act (CRRSAA) aims to offset the loss of income during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

“These funds will help Orange County continue its commitment to high-quality pavement conditions that enable residents, workers and visitors to travel safely and efficiently,” said the Orange County Supervisory Board. According to Andrew Do, OCTA Chairman, who is also Chairman of the. ..

Funds will be distributed to the cities and counties of Orange County using a population-based formula, each receiving a minimum of $ 200,000. Anaheim, with more than 350,000 residents, will receive more than $ 1 million, while cities such as Villa Park with less than 6,000 residents will still receive $ 200,000. Population-based formulas are consistent with how funds are distributed throughout the state through the California Department of Transportation.

Rural cities and counties may receive state and federal stimulus funds for a variety of needs, but the CRRSAA fund allows those funds to go directly to transportation needs. ..

Based on the Pavement Management Planning Report submitted by the local agency, there is an outstanding portion of the current and projected Orange County pavement needs.

The use of federal CRRSAA funding helps to compensate for the decline in transportation funding from both local and state sales taxes, which was reduced during the pandemic and affected the ability of institutions to maintain roads.

The funds will be used specifically for pavement preservation, preventive maintenance, rehabilitation and reconstruction.

About OCTA: The Orange County Transport Authority is the County Transport Planning Commission, which is the transport and capital for a balanced and sustainable transport system that reflects the diverse travel needs of 34 county cities and 3.2 million inhabitants. I am in charge of funding and implementing the project. With a mission to keep Orange County moving, this includes highways and highways, bus and rail transit, ride sharing, commuter trains, environmental programs, and active transportation.

New Santa Ana | $11M Federal grant will be used to enhance O.C. streets
Source link New Santa Ana | $11M Federal grant will be used to enhance O.C. streets

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