New public charter school opening this fall in Fresno

Fresno, CA (KFSN)-A new public charter school is opening its doors to students this fall.

Anai and her daughter Serenity Gomez have been part of the Aspen family for many years.

“We’ve been in Aspen since they opened,” Gomez said. “My daughter was growing up with them, and it’s a great school.”

She attends K-6 charter school Aspen Meadow, but Anai was worried about what grade 7 would keep for her students.

“The idea of ​​her going to regular school was really behind my head,” Gomez said. “It was just a relief when they said they would go all the way to high school.”

The Aspen family is growing. They will open a new charter school, Aspenridge Public School, this fall.

Joshua Hodges, Principal of Aspenridge Public School, said:

Located in central Fresno in the city center of Blackstone and Dakota, middle and high schools start from the 7th to the 9th. We also offer double enrollment for students who want to get a good start on college credits.

“It will allow them to see a bit of success, which will drive them to college or directly into their careers,” Hodges added.

Charter schools are open to students from anywhere in the valley and the spots are still open.

“They are really practical,” Gomez added. “Everyone knows me and my daughter. I can leave her without hesitation to make her safe.”

Give students like tranquility something to look forward to this fall.

“I was really happy that I didn’t have to make new friends or go to another school,” said up-and-coming 7th grade Serenity Gomez.

You can sign up for them website..

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New public charter school opening this fall in Fresno Source link New public charter school opening this fall in Fresno

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