New pass provides free public transportation for jurors in Los Angeles County – Daily News

LOS ANGELES — In lieu of regular mileage refunds, jurors in Los Angeles will be offered special passes that provide free public transportation to any of the 23 county courts where jury trials are held, officials said. announced Wednesday.

Jurors and jury candidates can use their EPass for free travel within the LA Metro system and other local transit systems. The purpose of this program is to provide timely and equitable access by reducing the cost of travel, gas, and parking to and from the courthouse on county public transportation.

“This universal transit pass will make it easier for residents to use public transportation free of charge to travel to the courthouse for jury service,” Jesner said in a statement.

“On behalf of the court, I would like to thank LA Metro and our other transportation partners for their support. We are proud to promote equitable access to diversity.”

Jury’s mileage allowance is an option of 34 cents per mile and as a result of recent legislation is now available up to $12 per day round trip. EPass is available to all jurors or potential jurors at the end of their first working day.

A result of the court’s partnership with Metro, EPass can be used for any combination of local and metro-via bus and rail travel and is suitable for jury service periods. EPass is valid on all metrobus, liner, microtransit, express and rail services, and partner transit.

“Metro is proud to partner with courts and 11 other regional transit agencies to offer EPass to those who have completed public service through jury duty,” said Stephanie Wiggins, CEO of Metro, in a statement. said in

“No juror should be disqualified for not having access to court. Metro is happy to do its part to ensure that all LA County citizens participate in the justice system.” ‘ she added. New pass provides free public transportation for jurors in Los Angeles County – Daily News

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