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Under new leadership, the youthful Des Lacs-Burlington men’s basketball team has the opportunity to reinvent its identity.

As the team heads into the season opener on December 10 and the home opener against Stanley High School, the Lakers will lead Christopher Brown’s first match and start anew with a roster that has lost their senior presence.

Brown joined the program at Deluxe-Burlington shortly after eight seasons with the Lewis & Clark Barthold bomber, almost immediately on the challenge of overcoming the loss of the Lakers’ two major contributors a year ago. Was thrown into the deep end. Their junior season.

“We have already experienced some adversity.” Brown said. “Mayo eventually moved to Sally, and then we had Carson Ale. He’s been injured this season. He’s injured in football and will probably go out all year long.”

Two draws from this season’s program also lost a total of 13 feet from the team’s presence on the court, according to Brown, and the current short team with nine players has more in-game strategy. I’m having a hard time rebuilding properly. The rest of the players on the floor.

“By losing much of our height, we have adapted.” The Lakers’ first year head coach has been added. “We play fast, really rely on defense, put a little pressure on it, then work on taking good shots and trying to get other teams to defend. Be careful not to tip the ball over. , Play basic basketball. “

Brown stepped up in the absence of the remaining three juniors, Lyran Olson, Jaylin Ross, Brenden Hedges, and Yale and Mayo, turning to a few outstanding juniors to bring the team back to the Region 6 tournament. increase. 2019 season.

Brown is the most valuable athletic 6’3 inch guard on the floor’s defensive end due to the high probability of rebound, and has the ability to reach the rim efficiently and hit outside shots with a pinch. Said.

Second grade Ty Hughes makes up for what’s missing in 5’11Height with ingenuity around the paint and rims. he “Brown said, and exemplifies Team First’s attitude in doing whatever he wants.

Paxton Isters will return to the court after the football season, which led the Lakers to the 11B quarterfinal berth as the team’s starting quarterback. Brown hopes to help the hardwood sophomore this winter.

“I hope success creates success and self-confidence.” Brown said about Isters. “I see him carrying himself a little more confident. He’s a smart basketball player, putting everyone in the right place when needed and not making many mistakes. . “

Olson, Isters, Hughes, and the other positive contributions of the team are essential for the Delux-Barrington Group, who wants to stay competitive in the tough 12th and 6th districts. “Dogfight.”

The relative youth of the team excites Brown as new campaigns approach. Opportunities to build new cultures and new traditions will emerge over the next few months as the team returns to the state tournament berth battle.

“I’m looking forward to seeing him grow into a great person not only on the court but also off the court, like any other team I teach.” He said. “And I’m excited to compete. It’s fun to see how those kids react and face the challenge.”

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New-look Lakers boys’ basketball ready for next chapter | News, Sports, Jobs Source link New-look Lakers boys’ basketball ready for next chapter | News, Sports, Jobs

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