New Home Prices in China Climb Again In April

In Wuhan, new home prices rose 1% from March to April. (Getty)

New home prices in many cities in China rose at the fastest pace in the eight months of April, despite government attempts to curb speculation.

According to Bloomberg News, selling prices in 70 cities were up 0.48% from March last month, the highest since August last year.

Existing home prices rose 0.4% at the same rate from February to March. But they were 35% higher than they were a year ago, and last summer the government slowed growth, Bubbles that may have formed..

Monthly inflation slowed dramatically to 0.1% from October to December in the second half of last year, but began to rise again at the beginning of the year.

3.7% price increase from December 2019 to December 2020 Slowest After 2016.

January, the government Limit lending For both developers and homebuyers.

Xi Jinping President April, residential repeated the government’s policy that it is “to live rather than speculation.” This is a sign that the government has not completed reforms.

Policy makers have signaled that the country’s real estate tax can be considered on a trial basis, as previously proposed. Before the numbers were released, China Real Estate Information Research Director Yang Kewei said such taxes “may come sooner than expected as a stronger indication of policy strength.” It was.

“The domestic market remains out of control,” said Yang. “The wider the curb, the more resilient the market.”

[Bloomberg News] — Dennis Lynch

New Home Prices in China Climb Again In April Source link New Home Prices in China Climb Again In April

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