New COVID quarantines keeping 38% of inmates out of Fresno County court

FRESNO, California (KFSN) – The recovery in COVID cases is slowing down the wheels of justice again, just as Fresno County is preparing to repeal all adjustments that kept things moving during the pandemic.

The 66 detainees scheduled for court on Monday could not get out of jail due to COVID or quarantine.

Charged with the murder of his son, William Wright, the elder, was not ready to make a statement last week.

By the time of his rescheduled trial on Monday, he had been quarantined and could not come to court.

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“Clearly, it is delaying the system,” said legal analyst Tony Capozzi.

Whatever justice is served by the criminal case will now be delayed for a second and third week.

Wright is one of 66 detainees who were unable to move 200 meters from jail to court on Monday due to quarantine for COVID.

With 38% of the accused absent, the courtrooms were mostly empty and the cases became static.

“Lawyers can not come in to see someone quarantined,” Capozzi said. “Now, if there was a system somehow set up for Zoom hearings where lawyers could at least talk to their clients, that would be useful.”

But Capozzi says the situation is going to get worse.

Fresno County has an average of ten times more new COVID cases each day than in April.

The sheriff’s office did not provide more detailed statistics for COVID, but a spokesman told us that their staff and the private health care provider are very experienced in adapting the guidelines to keep people safe and functioning properly. functions.

But from July 1, this Friday, the county presiding judge will stop allowing lawyers, defendants, and even judges to appear in court remotely.

“It will just block the stadiums even more,” Capozzi said. “The courts are now stuck. Stopping Zoom hearings will make it even worse.”

The Fresno County court’s media co-ordinator told Action News that the number of positive cases was not a decisive factor in the decision to end the long-distance appearances, a decision made at the state level.

Meanwhile, federal courts have extended the use of Zoom for 90 days, especially due to the growing number of COVID cases.

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New COVID quarantines keeping 38% of inmates out of Fresno County court Source link New COVID quarantines keeping 38% of inmates out of Fresno County court

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