New clinical symptoms identified in largest international case series of confirmed monkeypox cases

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The list of cases which is the result of international cooperation in 16 countries was published today (21 July 2022) in The New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM). The research has identified new clinical signs of monkeypox infection, which will help in future diagnosis and help to reduce the spread of the disease. It was conducted in response to an emerging global health threat and is the largest series of cases to date, reporting 528 confirmed cases in 43 locations across 27 April and June 24, 2022.

The spread of the virus currently affects gay and bisexual men, with 98% of infected people from this group. Although sexual contact is the most likely method of transmission in most of these cases, researchers emphasize that the virus can be spread through any physical contact through large respiratory droplets and possibly through clothing and other surfaces.

There is a world shortage of both vaccines and medicines for humans meningitis infection. The results of this study, including identifying those who are most at risk of contracting the disease, will help to help fight the disease around the world. Public health interventions targeting at-risk groups can help identify and slow the spread of the disease. Identifying the disease, contact tracing and advising people to isolate will be key components of the public health response.

Most of the infected people reviewed in the study presented with symptoms that are not recognized in the current definition of meningitis. These symptoms include one genital lesion and pain in the mouth or anus. Clinical signs are similar to those of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and can easily be misunderstood. In some people, stomach and oral symptoms lead to hospitalization for pain and difficulty swallowing. This is why it is important to recognize these new clinical signs as well health experts be educated on how to diagnose and manage the disease—misdiagnosis can delay diagnosis and thus hinder efforts to control the spread of the disease. As a result, the study will lead to an increased diagnosis rate when people from high-risk groups present with classic STI symptoms.

Public health measures—such as effective testing and education—should be developed and work with at-risk groups to ensure that they are appropriate, non-invasive, and avoid the spread of disease. that could cause an underground outbreak.

Chloe Orkin, Professor of HIV Medicine at Queen Mary University of London and Director of the SHARE Partnership, said, “Viruses know no borders and monkeypox has been reported in 70 countries and in more than 100,000 people. 13,000. This is truly an international case series. It has allowed doctors from 16 countries to share their clinical experience and many clinical images to help other doctors in places where there are not many. We have shown that there is a need to expand the meaning of the current world law to add symptoms that are not currently included, such as mouth sores, on the nose, anus and one ulcer, these special symptoms can be severe and lead to admitting them to the hospital so it is good to do research, expanding the definition of the case will help doctors to identify the disease easily and thus prevent people. Considering the problems that the world is facing with vaccines and providing immunity to this highly contagious disease execution, which is not taken care of. , vaccination remains an important tool in limiting the spread of smallpox worldwide.”

Dr John Thornhill, Consultant in Sexual Health and HIV and Senior Clinical Lecturer at Barts NHS Health Trust and Queen Mary University of London, said, “It is important to stress that monkeypox is not a recent disease. I don’t. infection traditionally; it can be achieved through any kind of physical intimacy. However, our work shows that most transmissions so far are correlated sexual activity– especially, but not exclusively, in homosexual men and women. This research study increases the understanding of the ways in which it is spread and the groups in which it spreads, which will help to identify new cases quickly and allow us to offer preventive strategies, such as vaccines, to people who are at greater risk.

“In addition, we found new symptoms in monkeypox patients, while we expected different skin problems and lesions, we also found that one in ten people have only one skin lesion in the area. genitalia, and 15% have rectal and/or rectal disease. These different presentations suggest that meningococcal disease can be missed or easily confused with sexually transmitted diseases. such as syphilis or herpes, so we recommend expanding the current definition.

“We also found monkeypox in a large percentage of semen samples from people with monkeypox. However, this could be a coincidence because we don’t know that it is at the level needed to facilitate transmission. sex. More work is needed to understand this better.”

Keletso Makofane, MPH, Ph.D., Fellow, Health and Human Rights Fellow at Harvard University, said, “Wherever the monkeypox virus has shown up, it has tested the capacity of public health systems to provide respond to decisions quickly in times of emergency. It is a pleasure to be part of a collective group that has worked hard to collect and share information with each other and the global public health community.”

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Additional information:
Epidemics in Humans in 16 Countries – April-June 2022, New England Journal of Medicine (2022). DOI: 10.1056/NEJMoa2207323

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