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According to process-savvy sources, Pac-12’s president is struggling to find potential commissioners that meet competing priorities and is considering an unprecedented governance structure in college athletics.

When the search enters the fourth month, it’s unclear who exactly fills these positions. However, one of the hotly debated names, according to sources, is Aimee Brooks, a former Stanford basketball player who is now the NBA’s Head of Business Operations and Chief Innovation Officer.

It is unclear how interested Brooks is in attending the conference. (Attempts to contact her have failed.) However, Turnkey ZRG, a search company that supports Pac-12, has deep ties to the world of professional sports and has many years of experience in the NBA.

Brooks has never worked in college sports and has no background in running football. Her expertise lies on the business side. Prior to joining the NBA, Bain and Co was a global management consulting firm. I was working at.

Brooks’ emergence as a potential candidate gives clarity to the competing dynamics at the heart of Pac-12’s quest to replace retired commissioner Larry Scott, who ends his term in June.

The president and prime minister are deeply interested in hiring someone from the world of sports business that can maximize revenue opportunities, starting with media rights negotiations that are expected to begin in 18-24 months.

However, they also recognize the importance of finding leaders who understand the challenges and needs of the campus.

So far, the president has not identified any candidates who meet the criteria of both criteria, sources said. As a result, they are looking at what would effectively be a package deal.

Under an unprecedented structure, sports business professionals will be hired to sit at the top of the conference as official commissioners. But the president will also hire someone to work as a de facto co-committee. Its role is to work with the director of the athletic department.

Turnkey has contacted a handful of college sports officials to measure interest in the position, according to sources.

Commissioners and commissioners (one source has assembled the role of “contact to AD”) will be hired together.

When asked how the conference chain works for campus-specific issues (that is, whether the liaison has ultimate authority or the commissioner), one source said, “How is it? I don’t know if it works for me. ”

Sources emphasized that Pac-12 could end the search by hiring a commissioner in the traditional sense, as ACC recently appointed Jim Phillips, a former athletic director at Northwestern University. (Turnkey also processed the search.)

However, the unprecedented two-person command structure is attracting attention as the best solution for competing priorities.

“They don’t know what to do,” said one source. “But there is a lot of pressure on the president to hire someone on campus.”

In fact, Scott’s management style has been heavily criticized at Turney’s meetings with campus managers and stakeholders at various meetings.

Hired in 2009, he had no college sports background and was often considered by the athletic director to meet the needs of the conference room. his Office — Above the campus office.

New candidate emerges as the presidents ponder an unprecedented step – Daily News Source link New candidate emerges as the presidents ponder an unprecedented step – Daily News

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