new anti-hangover pill said to break down up to 70% of alcohol in an hour—what you need to know

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A new anti-hangover supplement is just that go for sale in the UK. It is advertised by the Swedish company Myrkl as a “active drinking pill.”

The kwaya is said to have collapsed up to 70% of alcohol after 60 minutes. This means that if a person drinks 50ml of 40% spirits, which contains 20ml of pure alcohol, about 6ml of alcohol will enter the bloodstream. This is the same as one who only drank 15ml of spirits.

This decrease in alcohol consumption is manifested by a reduction in short-term alcohol consumption, such as euphoria and decreased anxiety.

The company that makes this supplement recommends taking two pills one to 12 hours before drinking alcohol.

The probiotic supplement contains two essential nutrients for the gut bacteria-Bacillus subtilis and Bacillus coagulans-produced from rice husks. These bacteria actually break down alcohol into water and carbon dioxide. Acid-resistant capsules protect bacteria from fatty acids so that they can reach the intestine where most of the alcohol enters the bloodstream.

What science says

The virus has been used for those who do not want to lose weight after drinking the previous day. But can these bacteria really prevent infection?

The hangover is mainly due dehydrating illar barasa, which can give headaches. The effects of alcohol on the stomach can also cause stomach cramps and nausea. If alcohol is ingested in the body, the risk of dehydration is reduced. But since the drugs only work after the alcohol has passed from the stomach to the intestines, they will not stop the effects of alcohol in the stomach.

Myrkl’s testimony is based on a one published research study. Twenty-four healthy young people were required to take either Myrkl or placebo tablets daily for seven days. They were then given a small amount of alcohol (between 50 and 90ml of spirits) according to their weight. They blood alcohol level tested for the next two hours.

The researchers found that in the first 60 minutes, the amount of alcohol in the blood decreased by 70 percent in those who received Myrkl compared to the dummy virus.

Although this study is well-designed, including allowing people to go to Myrkl or dummy pill groups, many problems make the results debilitating. First, the researchers reported only 14 out of 24 people because ten had lower alcohol levels in the first place.

Second, the results varied between different individuals, which reduced the accuracy of the study. Third, the researchers tested the drug for seven days before taking one dose of alcohol, but the company recommended only two drugs an hour to 12 hours before each dose.

The study also left unanswered questions. Does the virus work in non-young, healthy and white people? Does it work in people with colon or liver disease? Are there differences in the effects of the virus between men and women? What happens when food and alcohol are taken together? Do drugs alter the function of bacteria?

It is already known that friendships and bacteria change it long-term diseases and lifestyle (smoking, regular alcohol consumption and diet). It is also known that different types of alcohol are consumed according to weight, sex, physical activity and diet. These factors can reduce or increase the effectiveness of bacteria in Myrkl cells.

Probiotics are safe and widely available. They can be purchased as yoghurts, beverages or pills from supermarkets and healthy grocery stores. The two viruses in Myrkl cells can also be safe for most people. Yet probiotics given to people with the disease can impair the natural balance of healthy intestines. infection or intestinal symptoms.

The pill taken before drinking to prevent a reduction in the next day will be useful for some people. However, with all the unanswered questions around Myrkl, the best treatment for depression is to reduce alcohol consumption the previous day.

Alcohol consumption by pregnant women corresponds to the drinking of their partner

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