New 28 homes plan near Irvine Maritime museum pulled

Plans to build nearly 30 new homes near the Irvine Maritime Museum have since been scrapped due to noise issues.

Plans to build 28 houses in five blocks on the old Jewson Builders’ Marketplace on Gottrie Road, where new driveways and 31 parking spaces will appear, have been canceled – and the Cunningham Housing Association has confirmed that the application will be resubmitted after changes from architects.

A separate application for a building permit for a potential second-tier house was also withdrawn.

The noise impact assessment states: “After correspondence by e-mail and telephone correspondence with the North Ayrshire Department of the Environment, they confirmed that they have” serious reservations about the suitability of the site for residential development “, given its proximity to glass industrial premises. “Which dominates the local existing noise environment and operates 24 hours a day.

“The daytime environment included a steady continuous hum from the plant with intermittent noise from the interior, which is just sensitive to the continuous noise of the plant.

“There was also periodic, albeit regular, noise from the movement of trucks across the area, as well as noise from vehicles passing through Harbor Road.

“The noisy night environment at the development site was similar to the daytime one, but with a significantly lower contribution from traffic.

“Levels vary between LAeq, T 55 – 59 dB depending on the time of day, higher levels are recorded after 8am and before 3.30pm. Nocturnal environmental measurements differ from LAeq, T 52 – 55 dB depending on location.

“Reducing exposure is required to reduce noise from both traffic and the Ardag facility.”

The Cunningham Housing Association said: “A number of changes have been made to this, and the North Ayrshire Council has asked MAST Architects to withdraw the application and resubmit.”

New 28 homes plan near Irvine Maritime museum pulled Source link New 28 homes plan near Irvine Maritime museum pulled

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