Neural stem cells may hold key to combatting newborn brain injury

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Neural stem cells are likely to be effective in reducing neonatal brain damage in the most extensive reviews of research on this topic.

Brain damage during pregnancy or before and after childbirth can have lifelong effects on offspring. Cerebral palsy Although it is epilepsy, there is no cure to regenerate the brain of an injured newborn.

Neural stem cells (NSCs) are components of the brain and research is underway to determine how they can be used to facilitate recovery of damaged parts of the brain.

In a review published in Stem cell translation medicine, A researcher at the Hudson Institute, led by Madeline Smith, published all previousClinical trials He discovered that NSC could reduce brain damage and improve physical function after brain damage.

A new consensus on neural stem cells

“Neural stem cells are brain-specific and can replace damaged ones. Brain cells Although it is an infant (called a neuron), so far there is no consensus on its effectiveness. “

“Unlike other stem cell types, NSCs are of interest because they can integrate into damaged brain tissue and replace dead neurons.”

“Analysis and review of all available lab-based preclinical trials showed that NSC could reduce perinatal brain injury and improve physical function after brain injury.”

Missing parts in neural stem cell research

“This study has shown that when NSC is given as a treatment, it has the potential to reconstruct and reverse the baby’s brain damage.”

“Our review identified a knowledge gap that requires further research to advance this promising treatment as follows: Clinical trials, “She said.

Next step

The Miss Smith and Hudson Institute teams are now using their lab expertise to fill in the gaps.

“I don’t fully understand how NSC works and whether it is rejected by the baby’s naive immune system when given as a treatment, so I’m currently in the lab to answer this question. I’m doing base research, “she said.

“Excitingly, stem cell science is constantly evolving and our research is on babies. Brain injury.. ”

New mothers may help protect the brains of other babies

For more information:
Madeleine J. Smith et al, Neural Stem Cell Therapy for Perinatal Brain Injury: Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Preclinical Studies, Stem cell translational medicine (2021). DOI: 10.1002 / sctm.21-0243

Quote: Neural stem cells were obtained from on November 25, 2021 for neonatal brain damage (November 2021). May hold the key to fighting 25th)

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Neural stem cells may hold key to combatting newborn brain injury Source link Neural stem cells may hold key to combatting newborn brain injury

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