Nearly All of California’s Giant Sequoias Are In ‘Exceptional Drought’ Areas

As California’s drought worsens, more than 93% of the known giant sequoia trees are present in areas currently in “exceptional drought.” This is the strictest drought classification established by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

Giant sequoia Is one of the oldest creatures on the planet, often over 250 feet high and with a trunk diameter of 26 feet. However, despite being one of the longest living plants on this planet, some of the oldest known examples of this species are more than 300 years old, based on dendrochronology. Human activity and climate change threaten their survival. And now that drought conditions are deteriorating across the west coast, almost all large trees are rooted in areas under exceptional drought conditions, making them vulnerable to wildfires.

Newly released map by Save the Redwood League (Also known as the “League”) — one of the longest-running conservation organizations in the United States responsible for the protection and restoration of Redwood forests since 1918, a SF-based non-profit organization — It shows how dire the situation is. In addition, more than half of all coastal redwood ranges are present in either exceptional drought or “extreme drought” conditions.

“These are potentially dangerous and dry conditions for these iconic forests,” read a press release from a nonprofit organization. “The greatest threat to these forests is the overgrowth of unnatural vegetation from decades of extinguishing fires.”

Wildfires are an important part of the forest life cycle, but the rates that have occurred in the last few years have been far from natural.The National Park Service accounts for 10% to 14.5% of the world’s largest sequoia 2020 SQF compound fire in the Sierra Nevada Mountains — This year’s drought situation is much worse than last year’s drought situation.

To illustrate the seriousness of this emergency, the league overlaid a known range of giant secoires on the drought map provided. Drought monitor in the United States, Shows the potential fire hazards faced by these ancient trees.

With each release, the 44,799 acres of giant Sequoia are currently under exceptional drought conditions, and the remaining known acres (approximately 3,093 acres) are under extreme drought conditions.

The state’s Redwood grove isn’t that good either. Currently, over 2.3 million acres of coastal sequoia are in exceptional or extreme drought conditions, and an additional 1.9 million acres are in “severe drought” or “moderate drought.” So far, a whopping 0% of all coastal sequoias are rooted in areas experiencing “abnormally dry” conditions. This is the most disastrous drought level described by the US drought monitor.

What can be done to prevent these orchards from turning into ashes as the fire season deepens? The league recommends sending an email to the United States Department of Agriculture. US Forest OfficeDemands immediate action to protect the giant sequoia. Those who have the financial means to do so are also encouraged to donate to non-profit organizations that are already helping to restore and protect endangered tree species. Sempervirens Fund And Redwood Park Reserve..

Now is not a bad time to see how you can Control your water use, In the same way.

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Image: The stag tree is the 5th largest known tree in the world. (Photo courtesy of Max Forster, Save the Redwoods League)

Nearly All of California’s Giant Sequoias Are In ‘Exceptional Drought’ Areas Source link Nearly All of California’s Giant Sequoias Are In ‘Exceptional Drought’ Areas

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