Nearly 15M deaths associated with COVID-19 worldwide

The World Health Organization estimates that nearly 15 million people have died in the last two years from the effects of coronaviruses or the worsening health care system, more than double its official death toll.

Most of the deaths were in Southeast Asia, Europe and the Americas.

In a report released on Thursday, the head of the UN agency, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, described the figure as “overwhelming”. The exact numbers of COVID-19 deaths have been problematic during the pandemic, as the figures are only part of the catastrophe caused by the virus. , largely due to limited testing and differences in the number of COVID-19 deaths in countries.

“These surplus data not only reflect the impact of the pandemic, but also the need for all countries to invest in stronger health systems that will be able to sustain key health services in times of crisis,” Ghebreyesus said. “The WHO is committed to working with all countries to strengthen health information systems in order to make better decisions and achieve better data.”

The WHO said it had used excessive deaths for its calculation. Excessive mortality is calculated as the difference between the number of deaths and the number expected in the absence of a pandemic, based on data from previous years, the WHO said.

As of Wednesday, nearly one million Americans have been killed as a result of COVID-19, Johns Hopkins University said.

Nearly 15M deaths associated with COVID-19 worldwide Source link Nearly 15M deaths associated with COVID-19 worldwide

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