NBA reacts to Draymond suspension

(KRON) — Draymond Green will miss Game 3 after stepping on Kings center Domantas Sabonis in Game 2 of the Golden State Warriors’ first-round series against the Sacramento Kings on Thursday. controversial verdict Tuesday night.

The Sacramento All-Star big man grabbed Green as he was about to run down the court in the fourth quarter of the second quarter of the series. Green stepped on Sabonis’ midsection, which sent the former out of the game.

Now, the Warriors will be forced to win Game 3 without Green to keep up with the series 3-0 — a deficit any NBA team has overcome to date. Many people around the NBA believe they shouldn’t be in that position.

Oakland native Portland Trail Blazers guard Damien Lillard tweeted his frustration with the NBA’s decision. “Suspension is crazy” He said.

Lillard’s teammate Yusuf Nurkic also agreed with Lillard. “I thought there were too many exits, but it was interrupted??? Nope lol” he tweeted“It’s just Basketball Man, got people to play the playoffs…just move on[laughs].”

Former NBA player Quentin Richardson took a similar position, saying, “I can’t believe I woke up this morning!! Hmm.”

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The NBA said Green’s “history of unsportsmanlike conduct” played a role in his suspension. He was also suspended for one game in the 2016 NBA Finals.

“The results are: excessive and excessive behavior, harmful behavior, and repeat offenders. That’s what separates this situation that ultimately results in a suspension.” NBA Executive VP Joe Dumars told ESPN.

green make a show Before he was thrown out of Game 2, for the Sacramento crowd, he yelled and gestured to Kings fans before leaving the floor.

Warriors general manager Bob Myers spoke to media about Wednesday’s suspension.

“You can react how you want to, but it doesn’t change the fact that he’s not playing. We have a game tomorrow night,” he said. NBA reacts to Draymond suspension

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