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Window Rock, Arizona — Saturday’s Navajo Nation reported five more COVID-19 cases and two more deaths.

Additional deaths have increased the number of tribal pandemic deaths to 1,356, according to a statement released by tribal authorities.

The statement did not provide an updated number of total cases among residents of the vast settlements, including parts of Arizona, New Mexico and Utah. Tribal officials did not answer the question immediately, but a statement released by the tribe on Friday found that the number of positive cases was 31,012.


Pandemic details

— Europe in vaccination competition for delta variants of COVID-19

— Indonesia was sandwiched between a surge and slow vaccine deployment

— Thai virus surge raises concerns about ICU, vaccine supply

— Some Venezuelans have been shot in the arms thanks to the gift of the COVID-19 vaccine developed by Cuba, reassuring some residents and at the same time deepening the mystery of vaccination campaigns that rely on state donations. It was.

— A Missouri hospital official has helped those who despise the COVID-19 vaccine with federal support to deal with the surge in counties where state officials seek new precautions. I’m asking, so I’m telling you to “shut up.”

— A bipartisan proposal in the US House of Representatives banned mink fur cultivation in the United States to stop possible mutations in the coronavirus.


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What else is happening:

Oakland, CA — Zoos in the San Francisco Bay Area inoculate large cats, bears, and ferrets against the coronavirus. Vaccination is part of a national effort to protect animal species using experimental vaccines developed and donated by a New Jersey company.

Alex Harman, vice president of veterinary services at the zoo, said none of the animals were infected with the virus, but wanted to be proactive. Tigers, grizzly bears, pumas and ferrets were initially given two doses. Next are primates and pigs.

The San Diego Zoo began vaccination of primates with the Zoetis vaccine in January after the outbreak of COVID-19 among gorilla troops.

According to a press release, Zoetis has donated more than 11,000 doses to animals living in nearly 70 zoos, as well as to more than 12 greenhouses, reserves, academic institutions and government agencies in 27 states. ..


Jefferson City, Missouri — Missouri Governor Mike Parson’s administration has highlighted the idea of ​​a state-wide COVID-19 vaccination incentive program and the potential for a “substantial grand prize” during a meeting of health authorities.

Incentives are being considered as the rapidly prevailing delta variant devastates rural Missouri.The state has one of the highest COVID-19 infection rates in the United States

The Kansas City Star reports that it obtained notes from the Zoom Conference at the Missouri Center for Public Health Excellence on June 25. At this conference, senior officials from the State Department of Health and the Senior Services Department shared potential incentive programs.

A potential program is likely to start in July, according to a memo compiled by the center’s secretary. A spokesperson for the person said on Friday that work was ongoing on potential incentive options.


Coronavirus deaths in Moscow-Russia set a record for five consecutive days on Saturday, and authorities reported 697 deaths as the country faced a rapid outbreak. The record before Friday was 679.

On Saturday, the Russian Oblast Coronavirus Task Force reported 24,439 new cases of coronavirus. This is the highest daily tally since January, 1,200 more than the previous day. Moscow, its surroundings, and St. Petersburg accounted for almost half of the new cases on Saturday.

The Kremlin claimed on Friday that authorities were not discussing another blockade. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov admitted that the coronavirus situation was “tensioned” in many areas, but said “no one wants a blockade.”

Russia had only one national blockade last spring for six weeks, and the government has resisted closing its business ever since.

The Russian Coronavirus Task Force reports that a pandemic confirmed approximately 5.6 million cases of coronavirus and killed 137,262.


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia-Malaysia plans to ease the coronavirus blockade in five states next week to allow for a faster resumption of the economy.

The country has been under national blockade since June 1st, the second time in more than a year, and has had a serious impact on the economy.

The government initially said the blockade would only be eased if daily infections fell below 4,000 and at least 10% of Malaysia’s population was vaccinated. However, Treasury Minister Zafururu Aziz said Saturday’s state was able to slowly reopen if certain criteria were met.

He said the state would be assessed based on the average number of infections per 100,000 people over a seven-day period, as well as intensive care units and vaccination rates.

Defense Minister Ismail Sabri said Monday that regulations would be relaxed in five states that achieved their goals, allowing more businesses such as hairdressers, computer stores and bookstores to reopen.

The decision to abandon the total ban and give the states more flexibility comes from a two-week siege on Saturday in the still high-infected states of Selangor and some of the richest states in Kuala Lumpur. Malaysia recorded 6,658 new infections on Saturday, bringing the total to 772,607. An additional 107 people were reported dead and the number of casualties increased to 5,434.


Colombo, Sri Lanka-Sri Lankan officials say they will reopen this month after a surge in COVID-19 has closed state-owned schools for nearly three months.

The Ministry of Education said on Saturday that as a first step, preparations were being made to reopen a school with less than 100 students.

The ministry has identified about 3,000 such schools, which will be reopened first and other schools in stages.

Online classes were held while the school was closed, but there is growing criticism of the lack of internet and computer equipment for some children living in remote areas of the Indian Ocean islands.

Sri Lanka broke out of a month-long blockade a week ago. However, public rallies are still banned, and universities, libraries, places of worship, cinemas, pubs, bars, hotels, and gyms remain closed.

In Sri Lanka, the number of cases and deaths has skyrocketed since April due to traditional New Year celebrations and shopping.

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, Sri Lanka has recorded 260,972 confirmed cases and 3,120 deaths.


NEW DELHI — Indian company Bharat Biotech states that a late trial of the COVID-19 vaccine showed an overall efficacy of 77.8%, showing efficacy for all variants.

The company said in a statement that it is currently in talks with the World Health Organization to obtain an emergency use list of vaccines sold as COVAXIN.

The results were set in a resting question posed by a health expert regarding the Bharat Biotech vaccine when an emergency use authorization was granted by the Government of India in January. They felt that the company did not have enough clinical trials and it was almost impossible to analyze and submit data showing that the shots were effective in preventing coronavirus disease.

According to the company, the vaccine has already been licensed for emergency use in 16 countries, including India, the Philippines, Iran and Mexico. Millions of Indians are also vaccinated with the same vaccine.

Late studies state that the vaccine was 93.4% effective against severe symptomatological COVID-19 and 77.8% effective against symptomatological COVID-19. The data also showed 65.2% protection against the first identified delta variant in India.


Washington-President Joe Biden praised sports and athletes’ ability to unite the country during times of crisis when hosting World Series Champion Los Angeles Dodgers at the White House on Friday.

The Dodgers, who defeated the Tampa Bay Rays in October last year and won the title, were the first team to be honored at the White House since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic and the first team since Biden took office.

“I think we’ve discovered that we need more sports than ever before,” said Biden, who praised baseball for “one of the most difficult years” in national history. Told.

The president paid tribute to the team for using the stadium as a mass vaccination site for COVID-19.


Cyprus, Nicosia-Cyprus offers vaccinated individuals a holiday scholarship from mid-July to mid-August, those who received a shot 72 hours ago, or tested negative by PCR or rapid antigen test Restrict access to the soccer stadium to those who have. A match to encourage young people to be vaccinated against COVID-19.

Late Friday, the Cyprus government announced a series of incentives designed to spur a significant portion of the population that has not stepped up to be vaccinated. Officials say that about 70% of people under the age of 40 do not receive their shots.

Other incentives include counting the days government and private sector workers choose to be vaccinated as bonus holidays, and giving military conscripts an honorary five-day vacation if they choose to get a jab. Includes providing.

The government will also show bar and restaurant patrons and those attending large rallies such as weddings a so-called safe pass indicating that they are fully vaccinated, or 72 hours before the event. Negative PCR or rapid antigen test.


Phoenix — Arizona Governor Doug Duchy has withdrawn a series of executive orders issued during the coronavirus pandemic.

Republican governors say most are no longer needed, as Congress legislated them at a session ending this week.

Some orders are valid until the law comes into force within 90 days. This includes orders that prevent cities, towns and counties from placing orders for businesses that are more demanding than Ducy’s problem. Other orders ending after the new law prohibit universities from demanding coronavirus vaccines or masks from unvaccinated students.

Republicans who rule Congress have decided to block coronavirus-related actions that they consider limiting their freedom. They have passed legislation that bans mask orders from kindergarten to high school and state universities and blocks future health orders. Democrats called the move short-sighted and said it might be needed in a new surge in viral cases.


Washington-President Joe Biden said he was concerned that COVID-19 would be unnecessarily killed as unvaccinated people become infected with the coronavirus on the holiday of July 4. I am.

Biden, who told reporters on Friday, emphasized that holiday weekends would be worth celebrating for most vaccinated Americans.

Biden said: “This year will be even better next year, unlike last year’s Independence Day.”

But the president says he is worried about those who haven’t been shot yet.

“I’m worried that an unvaccinated person might be able to catch the mutant and spread it to others who aren’t vaccinated. But I’m worried. Life is lost. “

Navajo Nation reports 2 more COVID-19 deaths – Press Enterprise Source link Navajo Nation reports 2 more COVID-19 deaths – Press Enterprise

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