National ranking ‘an expectation’ for Kalen DeBoer and Fresno State

Fresno, CA (KFSN)-For the first time as a head coach, Kalen DeBoer’s bulldog was ranked nationally.

“To be honest, that’s an expectation,” Devoa said on Monday.

Continue 40-37 comeback victory over UCLA on SaturdayAfter that, it was ranked 13th, and FS was ranked 22nd in the AP Top 25.

The drive that won the match against Bruins will be perfect as a result of practice.

“Ironically, I think the two-minute drill situation last week was 55 seconds,” Devoa said in him. Sunday chat with action news..

“It’s important and it’s rewarding,” aggressive coordinator Ryan Grab said Monday. “I don’t think the guys are flirting, and even in 54 seconds, I don’t think the 11 guys who didn’t firmly believe we would win the football match went out there.”

Following Saturday’s victory at the Rose Bowl, Deboa says he has accepted the national rankings.

“I haven’t celebrated it for a while anyway,” he said. “It’s a shame for me just because I’m working hard not to accept it.”

The challenge, especially in the age of social media, is to stay in focus.

“Alerts pop up on your phone and 80 alerts pop up every half day, so it’s a challenge for everyone. Wait 0.5 seconds,” says DeBoer.
“It’s very easy,” said defensive coordinator William Inge. “Ear muffs and blinds.”

The biggest social media star, senior quarterback Jake Hayner, beat the winning drive in the game after scoring multiple hits.

“I said you need to slow down the play because I know his mom is in the media,” Grab said. “You were fine. It wasn’t too bad. When I got up, Hill coach even said he saw him overrun and his chest bumped after he limped. He took nothing and he was for it. Alive. “I have more to tanks.”

“No one has seen him enter the conference room,” Devoa said of Hayner. “(He) is still there at 9: 30-10: 00 at night as he was, and they challenge our team to make sure they continue. It was something I had to do. “

The nickname for Hayner’s “The Natural” on Pacific-12 Conference is …

“Since the beginning of last year, you’ve called him a’snake’just because he’s rhyming, right?” Deboa said. “But I’m not sure if the team has a big nickname for him. I’m sure he’s notorious for getting some.”

FS will start conference play with UNLV (0-3) on Friday and kick-off from Bulldog Stadium is set at 7pm.

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National ranking ‘an expectation’ for Kalen DeBoer and Fresno State Source link National ranking ‘an expectation’ for Kalen DeBoer and Fresno State

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