Natalie Mordovtseva: My Mom is Safe But My Friends Are Trapped in Ukraine!

We have all retreated in horror from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Several The 90-day-old groom the stars spoke when cities were bombed, homes were bombed and occupied cars were crushed by tanks.

As the number of civilian deaths rises to thousands, many fans have wondered about Natalia and especially her sweet, elderly mother.

His mother has now escaped the slaughter and is safe elsewhere in Europe, but many of Natalie’s friends are still in the war zone.

Natalie Mordovtseva is safe in the United States and was long before Russian forces launched an attack on her homeland.

However, after February 24, many The 90-day-old groom fans have asked about Natalia’s mother Nelia.

No matter what any of us thought about Natalie, Mike, or their toxic relationship, we all developed a lot of affection for her mother over the years.

Natalie Mordovtseva's mother Nelia - how about things with Michael?

This week, Natalie told the Instagram Store a little good news.

“My mother is safe from this morning,” she revealed.

Natalie clarified, “She got to Europe with some other families.”

Natalie Mordovtseva IG's mother (Nelia) is away from Ukraine

“Unfortunately, [all my] friends are locked [in] that hell, “Natalie complained.

“Every night,” he said, “they’re telling me they’re going to die.”

Natalie expressed, “I’m suffering with my people.”

The attack began almost a week ago.

At this point, Natalie’s friends – like most who stayed in Ukraine – are likely to suffer from a lack of sleep.

It’s hard to sleep through the night when you wake up constantly to the sound of bombing.

Hopefully Natalie’s friends will be able to leave soon, even though they will have to walk most of the way to the Polish border.

Last week, Ukrainian troops heroically defended their homes and families, delivering unexpected attacks on Russia’s progress.

Unfortunately, the answer has been an increase in violence, as it seems that Russia is trying to take over the country at any cost.

Natalie Mordovtseva returns to pick up her goods

Natalie, like the rest of us, knows that this unprovoked aggression does not reflect the intentions of the Russian people.

One madman ordered an attack on Ukraine in an attempt to annex a sovereign nation as part of a terrible effort to rebuild the Soviet Union.

While it seems that no sanction or verdict will make Vladimir Putin give up turning Ukraine into ruin and ashes, Ukrainian Americans are talking.

Natalie Mordovtseva cries 3-4

One of the most outspoken The 90-day-old groom the stars have been Yara Zaya.

He’s a relatively new addition to actors and a fan favorite.

Long before this horror broke out, Yara had spoken tenderly about her love for Ukraine. He still has many friends in Kiev.

Yara Zaya IG on her way to an interview, Ukrainian flag costume

“Honestly, everything is going so crazy,” Yara said recently.

“I would never have believed before that in 2022 that something like this could happen,” he admitted.

Yara said, “My family and friends are very scared.”

“They’re terrified, they can’t sleep,” Yara pointed out.

“They [scared] that if they fall asleep, they won’t wake up, ”he explained.

“It’s way too much, they’re going through a lot right now,” Yara described.

Yara Zaya IG this s - t is real, pray for Ukraine

“My mother lives in the west [Ukraine]as so far near the Hungarian border, “Yara pointed out.

“I’m like,‘ Hey guys, you have to leave my mom’s home because there’s a safer place to be right there, ’Yara pointed out.

“They tried to leave, but there was too much queue for gas … Then the town was closed,” Yara added. “They had to stay home.”

Yara Zaya IG I never thought this could happen in my country; the explosions wake my friend

“My parents can’t come here,” Yara complained. “Honestly, it’s impossible now.”

He said: “My mother wanted to come here, but just before she had to come here, the embassies were closed.”

“For now, it’s just impossible,” Yara admitted.

Yara Zaya IG I could not visit Ukraine for 2.5 years, I thought to go in March

“My mother is safe, but not the rest of my family,” Yara revealed. “They are still in Ukraine.”

“My sister has a child and she’s almost 18,” she said. “He’s just that kind of kid, and I’m afraid he’ll have to join the military because he can’t protect himself.”

Yara complained, “She doesn’t want to go to fight. She can’t protect anything. She’s just a child.”

Yara Zaya IG my Ukrainian ...

Our thoughts are with the brave people of Ukraine, who are fighting a seemingly hopeless war against a ruthless enemy.

Our hearts go to all the victims who have died in this conflict so far – it is estimated that more than 2,000 Ukrainian civilians were murdered in less than a week.

We hope that the friends and loved ones of Yara and Natalie, along with millions of others, will escape this horror.

Natalie Mordovtseva: My Mom is Safe But My Friends Are Trapped in Ukraine! Source link Natalie Mordovtseva: My Mom is Safe But My Friends Are Trapped in Ukraine!

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