Nancy Pelosi’s husband Paul killed his brother, 19, in ‘joyride’ crash

NANCY Pelosi’s husband was behind the wheel during a serious car accident that resulted in the death of his brother more than 60 years before his DUI arrest.

Paul Pelosi was 16 years old when he picked up his older brother David to go for a “joy ride” that would be his last.


A 1957 San Francisco Examiner news article explains the fatal crashCredit: San Francisco Examiner
Paul Pelosi's concern would collide with another car


Paul Pelosi’s concern would collide with another carCredit: ABC7
The two have been married for more than 50 years


The two have been married for more than 50 yearsCredit: Getty

David, 19, wore a neck brace due to an injury he suffered from diving in shallow water, according to a 1957 news release of the San Francisco Examiner, who reported on the fatal crash.

The article contained photos of both David and Paul from around this time, which appeared youthful and clean.

Officials think he was suffocated by it in the accident when the car crashed.

At around 12:30 in February 1957, Paul took David out of a friend’s house. He drove a sports car.

When Paul came on a tight curve at Crystal Springs Dam on the Skyline Highway, he lost control of the car as he tried to shift the gears to slow down.

The couple walked off the road into a wall before the car exited and crashed multiple times.

David had urged Paul to slow down just before the fatal crash.

“This is a bad stretch, better delayed,” he said.

Paul was charged with manslaughter, but was acquitted by a jury.

The jury also recommended that signs be placed on those roads warning of sharp bends.

When the car crashed, Paul was able to escape and get help. He only had a broken collarbone.

David sadly died at the scene, despite initial responders trying to pick up his car to relieve pressure. A witness said it appeared his neck brace was “lying tight against his neck.”

On Saturday, Paul, now 82, was arrested and charged with driving under the influence.

The California Highway Patrol said Paul Pelosi was apparently driving his 2021 Porsche and was trying to cross State Route 29 when he collided with Jesus Lopez’s Jeep.

About 80 minutes after police arrived on the scene, Paul was arrested.

He was charged with two counts, including driving under the influence and driving with an alcohol content of 0.08 or higher.

No injuries were reported.

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The bail was set at $ 5,000 and he was released Sunday morning.

Nancy and Paul Pelosi own a vineyard in Napa County where Paul was arrested.

At present, there has been no statement from the Pelosi family. The US Sun reached the Office of the Speaker, but did not hear back at the time of publication.

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Nancy Pelosi’s husband Paul killed his brother, 19, in ‘joyride’ crash Source link Nancy Pelosi’s husband Paul killed his brother, 19, in ‘joyride’ crash

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