Myanmar junta offers ceasefire to some, as UN envoy warns of ‘bloodbath’

When the UN Security Council discussed Myanmar’s military coup on Wednesday, National military junta He declared a “ceasefire,” but said he would continue to respond to “actions that disrupt government security and administration.”

The ceasefire offer appeared to refer to the actions taken against ethnic armed groups, whose fighting has increased since the seizure of military junta power. In the coup d’etat on February 1st.. A statement posted on Myanmar’s national television MRTV called on ethnic armed groups to “maintain peace,” and said the military would “unilaterally suspend operations from April 1st to April 30th.”

But excluded from peace are those who “destroy” government security.

Protesters in support of democratization have repeatedly filled Myanmar’s streets for nearly two months in protest of the detention of elected leaders. Aung San Suu Kyi And key government officials. Security forces responded by shooting unarmed civilians on the streets, beating opposition suspects’ homes, arbitrary detention, and night raids.I saw this weekend The most bloody crackdown ever, At least 114 people died on Saturday.

CNN contacted the Myanmar Army for comment.

Since Saturday, troops have carried out airstrikes in Kayin State, forcing thousands of inhabitants to flee to the jungle and neighboring countries.

Many of the target villages are managed by the Karen National Union (KNU), an ethnic armed group with vast territories in the border area. KNU is one of many ethnic armed groups that have emerged to support protests and condemn military takeovers.

In a statement to the Security Council on Wednesday, UN Special Envoy for Myanmar, Christine Schlaner Bergner, emphasized the dangers of “a widespread systematic attack on the general public” and “bloody is imminent.” I warned.

She said more than 520 people have been killed since the coup.

“Looking back ten years from now, how does history judge this negligence? What you can do while you still have time to avoid the worst consequences by overcoming disagreements and disagreements. “I hope,” Wagner told a member of the Security Council.

“Urgent support needed”

Myanmar’s permanent UN representative, Kyaw Moe Tun, wrote to the UN Secretary-General earlier this week, highlighting concerns about the security of the country’s civilians and “acting without delay” to restore democratic leadership. Asked.

“The people of Myanmar feel helpless and are seeking urgent help from the international community to save the lives of innocent civilians,” read a letter from Kyaw Moe Tun.

Representatives will discuss protection from the military of the people of Myanmar, support for all in need, no-fly zone declarations to prevent future airstrikes, stricter sanctions and freezing of military bank accounts, and immediate weapons. Appealed to the United Nations and the international community. Embargo and suspension of foreign direct investment.

A UN spokesman, Stephen Dujaric, told reporters Wednesday that calling for UN intervention was a “wide call.”

“I think the Secretary-General has been very vocal about Myanmar from the beginning. We want to get involved, but there are no bystanders in the solution,” said Dujaric.

Myanmar junta offers ceasefire to some, as UN envoy warns of ‘bloodbath’ Source link Myanmar junta offers ceasefire to some, as UN envoy warns of ‘bloodbath’

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