Muscle-building linked to weapon carrying and physical fighting

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Gun violence and school violence have been on the rise since the outbreak, as well as eating disorders and physical impairments among young people – which include giving priority to muscle as well as body. today is suitable for many young men. Now, a new study published in Journal of Mortality describes the relationship between the two.

Surveying more than 4,000 U.S. boys in high school, from the 2019 National High School Youth Risk Assessment, researchers found that moderate to high-intensity physical activity is associated with physical fighting and carrying weapons, such as a gun, knife, or club. .

“These are unique studies that show the relationship between young people’s efforts to follow men’s principles, such as strength, power, and dominance, taking up arms, fighting, and exercising,” said the author. Kyle T. Ganson. Ph.D., MSW, assistant professor at the University of Toronto Factor-Innwentash Faculty of Social Work. “Muscularity is related to stubbornness and masculinity. By exercising you build muscle, take up arms, and fight physically.” young men they can show that they have fulfilled the requirements of men. “

Given that few studies have been completed to identify associations between physical activity and armor and physical fighting, this study helps to fill an important educational gap. It is coming at an important time, too, while the pressure to grow is growing.

“Young people are facing unprecedented challenges to building muscle and growth, especially through sports, colleagues, and social media,” said author Jason M. Nagata, MD, MSc, assistant professor at University of California, San Francisco Department of Pediatrics. “We found that more than three-quarters young men engaged in exercise builds muscle. “

Gender inequality and attitudes are more common during adolescence, while risky behaviors among adolescents are more common. The findings highlight the importance of setting up interventions and educational programs in schools to discuss gender equality and address gender-based violence. It also talks about the importance of prevention and trying to get into one health experts, school staffand professional athletes can take it upon themselves to ensure that young men are exercising muscle building in ways that are harmless.

“Through improved education and consistency and programs related to safe muscle building habits, schools and community members can work together to reduce risk factors that are associated with increased physical activity for adolescents,” he said. ji Ganson.

Ethnicity, ethnicity is not a factor in recent gun violence in American schools

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Physical Exercise for Weapons and Weapons and Struggle Among American Youth, Journal of Mortality (2022). DOI: 10.1177 / 08862605221101192

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Muscle-building linked to weapon carrying and physical fighting Source link Muscle-building linked to weapon carrying and physical fighting

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