Mud Pie Stand Vegan Bakery Soft Opening In Sacramento

Mad Pai Stand celebrated its soft launch last Sunday. Located on the quiet 14th Avenue of beautiful Sacramento, this vegan bakery (yes, vegan!) Offers great desserts and delicious food. All the items offered are 100% vegan, and I may add, magically delicious! I was surprised to taste the competitive vegan food and sweets, both vegan and non-vegan.

Michelle Sylvaira of the Elk Grove Tribune! Check out my Mad Pie Stand Food Review below!

It was definitely a busy day for the owners of the Mad Pai Stand, Sal and Deanya. They mixed most of last Saturday’s soft opening with guests and offered gorgeous spreads of vegan cupcakes, croissants, cookies and jalapeno bread. Sal and Deanya also offered a limited edition sneak peak of the day, including shepherd’s pie, chorizo ​​macaroni & cheese, couch potato plates, white chili & cornbread. I visited the soft opening of the Mad Pie Stand with my vegan friends and was very happy with it. I posted on social media a photo that talks about the awesomeness of this adorable cafe and the awesomeness of all the delicious food they enjoyed at the soft opening.

About Mad Pie Stand

The Mad Pie Stand originally started with the Traveling Blue Volkswagen Van. The monkey was a bakery and Deanya was a pastry chef. They both sold vegan desserts and vegan foods from behind their vans. Both quickly made a name for themselves in the vegan community and in town. You may have recently seen monkeys and Diana with a blue Volkswagen van in Good Day Sacramento. Rumors about their incredible food and desserts spread rapidly. Incredibly, I never think it’s all 100% vegan. Google Reviews, Happy Cow, Restaurant Guru, and Abilion all rate Mad Pie Stand 5 stars. I am currently ordering online from the Mad Pie Stand. However, the grand opening of the Mad Pie Stand is underway.

Mad pie stand owner and bakery monkey and Volkswagen van in front of the cafe


The iconic blue van is boldly placed from the mud pie stand, giving 14th Avenue a nostalgic and cool 60’s feel. The café has a warm, cozy, tranquil beach town and homely atmosphere. Located on the corner street, there are many indoor and outdoor seats. When I entered, I immediately felt the warmth and friendliness of the staff who responded politely to the hungry customers. Guests in the store immediately began recommending plates to me and seemed to have a greedy desire for everything the cafe offered.

I’ve seen some guests buy one or two of all the items offered. Some hung out and talked with us while we were eating and talking about food. The Mad Pie Stand is definitely not an ordinary vegan cafe on 14th Avenue. This is a place to show good food, good people, friendships and friendships.

Soft roll and shepherd’s pie

Delicious Vegan food

Shepherd’s pie is a really delicious pie, with multiple flavors and textures on every Mosel. It’s easy for anyone to believe that the aroma and taste of this dish is a traditional beef pie, not a vegan. This is an 8-inch pie with butter skin stuffed with rich beef stew and topped with creamy mashed potatoes. Beef stew is full of vegetables and vegan meat. The scent of the stew was very rich. The mashed potatoes were rich, rich and creamy. The crust is perfectly baked, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.

The savory stew stuffing was generous and delicious. However, my personal preference was that the stew could have been made without a piece of meat. I was very happy with that part and everyone was very impressed. Whether vegan or not, I highly recommend it. This dish can be divided into 2 or 3 people, depending on the taste of the part.

Vegan heaven

In addition, two insanely delicious soft rolls were served with Shepherd’s pie. We all agreed that these are the best soft rolls ever. It wouldn’t be surprising if only this golden bread became the global empire of Mad Pie Stand. They were absolutely addicted. I couldn’t stay in just one. They were fresh, light, flaky, buttery, tender, warm and slightly sweet. They were completely unforgettable. If you like bread like me, I highly recommend soft rolls. What are your thoughts on these soft rolls? I can’t say enough about them. We were all definitely impressed.

Chorizo ​​macaroni & cheese

I decided to order the chorizo ​​macaroni and cheese because it was highly praised by customers. Homemade chorizo ​​crumbs in a 7-inch pan with plenty of homemade macaroni and cheese. This is another very hearty dish that will fill you with just a few bites. Macaroni and cheese is rich, rich, creamy and smooth. Although vegan, cheese is as tasty as regular cheese, but the difference in taste is negligible. The chorizo ​​crumble spread above adds a salty, spicy, crunchy element to this already delicious dish. Chorizo ​​macaroni & cheese is highly recommended. It feeds a couple of people and is a very heavy and pleasant food.

This dish is accompanied by two delicious cornbreads. The cornbread was sweet, warm, moist and buttery. It goes well with macaroni and cheese. This is because it adds another layer of deliciousness to this already great meal.

Jalapeno bread

In addition, I highly recommend jalapeno bread, which is very impressive and addictive. This was a warm, buttery, soft, light, flaky bread. It was filled with the delicate flavors of spicy jalapeno peppers and other exotic and aromatic herbs. Jalapeno bread is definitely rare and is an item you will never forget here at the Mad Pai Stand. Like us, you will definitely find that you are ordering more takeaways. Again, what are your thoughts on this bread? If you loved it as much as we did.

Lemon raspberry cupcake

Vegan cupcakes, cookies, sweets

Lemon raspberry cupcakes were filled with multiple flavors of spicy lemon and sweet raspberries. The mud pie stand cupcakes here are arguably some of the best I’ve had. Each is better than the others and everything is much tastier than traditional cupcakes. Surprisingly soft, moist, fluffy and light. The icing was very sweet and sweet. I’m not an icing fan, so it was a little too sweet for the taste buds. But scooping cake slivers and raspberries makes it the perfect luxury dessert.

Soaked cupcakes

If you like chocolate like me, I recommend you to try dip cupcakes as well. Vegan dark chocolate was better than most of the dark chocolates out there. The cake was soft, moist, flavorful and airy. It goes well with solid dark chocolate toppings and vanilla sweet cream icing.

Strawberry lemonade cupcake

Strawberry lemonade cupcakes are highly recommended. A cupcake with plenty of lemon tart flavor. The sweet strawberry icing combined with the lemon cake was different and it was fun and delicious. This item was a light, fluffy and airy cake baked without eggs. Everyone I talked to loved this beauty absolutely. We strongly recommend that you try this item. You will be pleasantly surprised that it is 100% vegan and absolutely delicious.

Double Double Chocolate & Snicker Doodle Cookies

Double double chocolate cookies were also one of our favorites. I highly recommend this to anyone who loves chocolate. Soft, moist and perfectly baked, this cookie is intended to satisfy your taste buds. Snickerdoodle was also delicious, tender, moist and buttery. I couldn’t believe it was very tasty, if all the ingredients were vegan but not as tasty as any other cookie I tried. In my opinion, they have defeated all competitors in the world of vegan and non-vegan cookies. I choose these cookies anytime, anytime for my family and friends.

My overall recommendations

We highly recommend eating and desserts at the Mad Pie Stand. Like my family and friends, I was very impressed. Whether it’s takeaway or takeaway, I often come back to this cafe. If you are vegan, you will enjoy the mud pie stand a lot. If you’re not vegan, this little cafe may convince you to go vegan. I say try it, you won’t regret it. Who would have thought that vegan desserts and comfort food would be so great! Congratulations to Monkey and Deanya. Thank you for making delicious vegan food at the Mad Pie Stand!

Mad pie stand vegan bakery

We are currently accepting pre-orders for pickups

Wednesday to Saturday from 10am to 4pm

Address: 1430 14th Street, Sacramento, CA. 95814

Phone: (916) 431-7969

Website: mudpiestand.com

Instagram: @mudpiestand

Facebook: Mad Pie Stand

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