Moving van delays leads to anxious wait for Valley newcomers

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) — A Long Island, New York family that moved west for a fresh start here in the Central Valley is instead getting off to a sordid start.

They say a moving company they hired a month ago to move their property has yet to complete the job.

The Kleinman family settles into Clovis’ mostly empty apartment.

The cupboard is bare. They sleep on air mattresses.

They had been dreaming of California for months, but the move was a nightmare.

“A nightmare would even be too generous because you can wake up from a nightmare,” says Jason Kleinman.

Jason and Alayne Kleinman say their belongings were three weeks late.

A United Van Lines spokesperson says: “The family can file a delay claim.”

“We have and it’s $100 a day,” Jason said.

The Kleinmans arrived on July 8 after a 10-day cross country drive.

But during the trip, Alayne says she couldn’t track the moving truck, so she called United Van Lines.

“I finally got a text saying, ‘Oh, your stuff never left New York. It’s still here. We are actually waiting for a driver. We unloaded it in a warehouse.”

Once the truck finally arrived in California, another delay.

“He got to the border and apparently they found some ants in the truck,” Jason said.

The truck had to be unloaded in Phoenix to take care of the ant infestation.

On Friday, United Van Lines told Action News, “A driver will be assigned now that the trailer has been treated and can be moved early next week.”

But the Kleinmans are concerned about the condition of their antique furniture, vinyl albums and collectibles, as their property has been liquidated twice.

“I’m very worried because there are a lot of items there,” Alayne said. “I mean, it’s our whole life in this truck. It’s us. It’s our two kids.”

The Kleinmans say United Van Lines should have been more upfront and told them about both delays immediately.

They plan to start a bakery business, but all their equipment is in this truck.

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Moving van delays leads to anxious wait for Valley newcomers Source link Moving van delays leads to anxious wait for Valley newcomers

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