Motorcyclists caught in a Norwalk-to-Pasadena chase –

Officials said on Monday, June 7, he fled Norwalk’s deputy and ran through several communities before leaving the parking lot in Pasadena.

The suspect had left his jacket and motorcycle in the parking lot, said Lieutenant William Glysafe, a spokesman for Pasadena police.

Hilario Estrela, 30, was arrested on suspicion of felony fleeing police, said Sheriff Lieutenant Brian Sanford. He added that Estrella was on parole for criminal intimidation.

He said the parole came from Sacramento and Estrela’s latest address is in Highlands.

According to Sanford, the incident began around 11:20 am on Bloomfield Avenue and the Imperial Highway in Norwalk.

The motorcycle didn’t even have a license plate.

The deputy followed the motorcyclist for a few minutes and stopped at La Mirada’s Imperial Highway and Valley View. According to Sanford, the suspect’s speed on the surface was so fast that the chase was stopped. The average speed of motorcyclists was 60 mph.

“He went everywhere in the San Gabriel Valley,” San Ford said.

According to media reports, the suspect was over 100 mph on the highway.

A sheriff’s helicopter picked up the suspect at Lark Ellen and Cypress Street at around 11:45 am. David Rodriguez said. The motorcycle was about 80 mph, he added.

Covina police found the suspect on Azusa Avenue and Arrow Highway and tracked him, Rodriguez said.

However, the suspect was so fast that Covina police stopped chasing him when he entered under Highway 10 towards West Covina, Rodriguez said.

The suspect then stopped at a multi-storey car park on Euclidena Avenue and Green Street in Pasadena, got off the motorcycle, and took off his jacket and helmet, said Lieutenant Pasadena.

He said Pasadena police were not involved in the chase, but warned the suspect at around 12:25 pm.

Police detained the suspect, who was later handed over to a member of the House of Representatives.

So how did the authorities know that the motorcyclist was the same man who came out of the parking lot?

Sheriffs have identified men from what they wore to tattoos, Sanford said.

Estrella was detained in prison at Sheriff’s Norwalk Station in exchange for a $ 75,500 bail. If he does not pay bail, he will be prosecuted in the Bellflower High Court on Wednesday, June 9.

Motorcyclists caught in a Norwalk-to-Pasadena chase –

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